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you are the beast how did you learn that ohhhh i don't know what should i say to your arts 
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wow, le rendu de la fourrure est tout simplement parfait. Amazing work !
RBM-Kyuubi's avatar words. Amazing Art!
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I cannot believe that Ghost just got left like that... ugh. Still angry. He is the bestest of best boys too.
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I thought San would be in this, but still a great piece.
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worst episode in the series...
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There is some good and some worst things... Wait and see ^^
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Good boi *pat Ghost*
The fur is amazing 👍
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Awesome piece, I love it
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I'm not following the series, but I know what this references due to Reddit :P. Love the soft texture you gave him, and the splash of color from the red leaves!
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Aww. Seeing Jon just give away Ghost like that was so sad. I could never do that to my faithful companion, never.

Beautiful work.
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