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In 1889, the period known as the Great Cultural Invasion starts. After the opening of the Japanese borders, the United States of America massively imports typical American goods to Japan. They were first in competition with the great European nations but those latters finally retreat, absorbed by the decay of Franco-German relation that paralyze the international politics of the old continent. On the United States side, the Collins-Waffen plan, created in order to ensure the loyalty of the House of Representatives through corruption and military aid in the Sino-Japanese conflict is a success, and the pro-American resolutions succeed one another, to the detriment of Japan's economic health. During June 1891, The New-York Times causes a scandal with the headline "But when the Japanese magpie does dry up? ". The newspaper will be closed with losses and crash two months later, causing riots in New York and Washington DC, quelled by the intervention of the army.

In Japan, the bloodless and scorned people is angry. A second civil war brakes out in 1891, led by a group of feudal families claiming the legacy of Satsuma. The population, exhausted by the too rapid reforms, disappointed by the Emperor and the galloping transformation of the country, ranks overwhelmingly on the side of the "Sons of Satsuma ". The United States react immediately, wanting to protect their interests in Japan, but the Soderberg government is close to its next election in the front of a democratic opposition that is on the rise. President Soderberg then seeks to spare public opinion, especially after the New York Times event. n order to avoid a human engagement in a deadly conflict and which might be unpopular, the United States uses for the first time combat automata. The success of these robots is immediate. Americans' moral disengagement from the conflict is then complete, and abuses become common. This is the beginning of the Uncertain Sun period. The underworld and traditionalist families are growing, supported by China and Russia, and founded an opposition government in Morioka. Japan is cut in half. The brawls and skirmishes multiply between the feudalists and the loyalists.

The sons of Satsuma quickly take over automatons in working order, that they hijack and reshape in the image of colossal and terrifying samurais. Although they are unable to produce them in series or to unravel the mysteries, these robots will become the emblem of the Satsuma revolt and propaganda. Those ones will go up to include their flag. In fact, these robots will be used mostly as a luxury bodyguard for sons and daughters of noble families, and will almost never serve in combat.     
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Wonderful, great work~!
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What a great piece of art, really impressive.. what a visual journey :3
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WOW. I LOVE THIS STORY. That is a brilliant idea! Have you expanded on this at all? 
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You're welcome Hug 
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I miss her already! Love her last burn at Cersei :)~ And Love Your Piece Heart 
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No, I think is a Iguana
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Wow amazing o.o
And, she has hair made of fire? And you manage to made me understand that with such a little figure??
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Wow...that is just awesome! You can almost hear the dragons roar with that :D Oh and I love that woman with the flame like hair! Super work !
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Awesome. The traditional style is very cool. Nice work :)
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But maybe he wants to be a sheep? O_o
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like a wolf among sheep
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It would be cool if Daenerys could get flaming hair like this :D
It seems like you drew them like some other characters perhaps? :)
I love it. 
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thats awesome
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