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The art of Dying


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Character  deerLocation  forest , nature, fantasy
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Very Realistic 10/10 :D

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This is absolute shit, you poltroon. I don't know why you're here, why you're "drawing", you no-life, retarded infant, but to to Hell because this is the most childish drawing I've seen in my life. You are just displaying the exact nonsense on your mind. "Oooh, wow" only retarded, nigger faggots who couldn't get any far from life than where they were when they were born (as a no-life little hanky-pankys) will even give the smallest piece of duck from their lives to this nonsense. GET publicly mutilated. If you think the TOPIC of suicide is not a jok e, for you it's something 7,898,099 people can be enthusiastically exclaiming you should do with posters on the side of busy highwasy, no problem. COMMIT suicde, you idiotic piece of fuck. This so-called "artwork" represents you year-olds life. FUCK OFF!

There is so much detail and feeling in this artwork. Great job!!! ❤️‍🔥

SacarioArts's avatar

Love your work! Well done!

JEart94's avatar

wow vary evocative

this is one of those piece that really tell you a story

amazing in work of art and terrible in emotions.

great work!

Sunrise2Moondrop's avatar

WOW- THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😮

ArtAdamadia's avatar

This is insanely well done <3

i absolutely love the composition and the shading that just makes it so dramatic somehow and intense, i really can't stop looking at it!

War2040's avatar

It’s beautiful and yet it brings a terrible feeling.

Shadoweclipse2465's avatar

I love it, so mystical, and beautiful.

ARTIST-SRF's avatar

It's beautiful! 😍 It reminds me of Bambi.

GreatHornedMeatus's avatar

Love the choice of name. The colors are dramatic like everyone days but Id also like to point out the nice choice to use the mountain in the lower right to help frame the picture.

Amazing use of lighting and colour !

ExtremeEnderCraft345's avatar

Dude, that is just so dramatic and ominous! I love the lighting and detail of the flames and smoke!

KuroNeko369's avatar

Amazing use of color!

johndoeartworks's avatar
shadeslayer997's avatar

this related to the deer scp?

The Forest Spirit when humanity destroys it's home. Either that, or just the Forest Spirit of California.

skormz's avatar

This makes me think of Spirit Island tabletop game

Drachenfeuerlover's avatar

Had to stop and stare for a moment longer than usual, pretty amazing work!

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