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The Fall

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wonderfull <3

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i love your art 😍

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:wow: Amazing work!!

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Awesome work. c:

I аm lоокing fог sех, but do уоu want? Сome in heгe >

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Well this is dramatic, what's happening?

Did the dragon explode after taking a mortal wound from a siege machine, or is it erupting out of a volcano, or, or, or,?

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Its the Fall of Ancalagon the Black, the largest dragon ever to live in Middle Earth. He was slain by the Elves.

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absolutely BRILLIANT :la:

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Lovely dragon art. I had a feeling just from the title it was Ancalagon.

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Are those the triple-peaked towers of Thangorodrim being destroyed?

PS - Nice work and thank you for sharing!

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This is digital, right? That brush work is soooo nice

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:fire: This is amazing! :fire:

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