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THE WITCHER: WITCH'S LAMENT #2 ( official cover )

"Geralt's rescue mission takes a turn when Giltine refuses his help. Drawn to the cult's settlement, he finds himself an unwitting participant in one of their most sacred rituals. "

You can preorder the comics here :…

In collaboration with Dark Horse comics and cd projekt red

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AMAZING in every aspect.

The only thing is that sword is SO big that it immediately catches the eye with how unnaturally HUGE it is...

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Epic and spectacular

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Wow, this is an amazing piece of art but what is she holding in her right our left hand
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I love the use of lighting and colours in this piece!

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I love the textures in this and the use of color. Very well done! :)

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wow, one of the best work i have seen here

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Fantastic work!

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Excellent as ever! :w00t:

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So beautifull. Just one thing: is that the Witcher's head she's holding? This is a bit confusing for me 'cause I didn't play the game.

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