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Spirited Away : Another gate (ghibli)

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Amazing, how long did this drawing take you?
AnatoFinnstark's avatar
Thank you ^^ I don't...Maybe 7 or 8 h ^^
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This was an amazing movie and the pieces in your gallery inspired by it are truly beautiful.
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Okay I don't know why my comments on this 'Spirited Away: Another gate (ghibli)' and 'The smell of dead leaves' and 'Spirited Away (Chihiro)' all ended up somewhere else. But i think I had been getting my open tabs mixed up, for that SORRY! animesweat revision:sorry:  and given that I don't exactly see the comments that inspired the first Comment. Here is a slightly revised comment that somehow ended up on 'The smell of dead leaves'.

Looks like Chihiro is going back to the Spirit World to find Kohaku, I hope everything works out well for her.

I see is a wonderfully done piece of a now teenage Chihiro with a skateboard and backpack probably recently out from school and happened to find a path into the Spirit World and what could be taken as a forest on fire could also be a clearing in the canopy allowing the light from the setting sun to shine through. Also the setting of the sun could be used as a means of time for when the two worlds are aligned to be able to allow the dead to cross over into the Spirit World. Given that, Chihiro could actually be dead now and is standing at the gateway to the afterlife and golden light before her is the light of Heaven calling her home.
awesomestarz's avatar
This must take place when she's older since she looks a little taller...
I love the wonder and tranquility this piece has. You capture the essence of Studio Ghibli so well...!
taoshiriou's avatar
so good.... feel so really good...
your art is like....

i like it. ^^
wytherwing's avatar
:) very cool and creative work!
Alechelle's avatar
Ah. <3 ! Es fabuloso, ,me encantan los dibujos así.
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RyanToro905's avatar
It makes me wanna see the movie again!!
Unseeming's avatar
Amazing work, of course. Is this place where the girl works for the spider-guy in the boiler room near the top? (I am unfamiliar with specific details...)
DJ-AppleJ-Sound's avatar
Oh I love this, the atmosphere is amazing, it looks so cozy, I wanna live there
stefangrossmann's avatar
sorry for all the likes spam, but I really like your works :)
AnatoFinnstark's avatar
Haha no prob, that's a pleasure to read comment ^^
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This illustration looks very appealing Love Love 
ghostchiryou's avatar
I've never seen spirited away (though I probably should), but this looks amazing!
AnatoFinnstark's avatar
Thanks ! And yes you should ! :D
UsamahDraws's avatar
I like the setup and concept here!  Thanks for sharing!
AnatoFinnstark's avatar
Thanks very Much ! :)
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