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Do you have this available for sale as a digital file? All I saw were framed prints...

Such an awesome boss fight, and an equally awesome piece of art.

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Great job creating such an atmospheric scene. :) 
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Gorgeous work! Beautiful colors and atmosphere!La la la la Clap 

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Made me want to replay DS. Amazing artwork man.

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Wonderful work! This helped me improve my visual library o(^^o)

Again you've made an awesome work of art, and the I can feel the story behind it.

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Seeing this makes me realize how Souls-starved I really am.

Bonfires, Invaders, Phantom-Bro's... and epic enemys and bosses.
      I... ... ... neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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People who played Dark Souls probably didn't remember them so beautifully. Fu%$#k(ng Abyss Watchers XD
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Magnificent work!  :heart:
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oooo beautiful! I love the details on the door and the perspective how it's a little low. Beautiful work
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this rules. Abyss Watchers inspired? 
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