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Oh so pretty, give me her nomber phone)

DanMc88's avatar

Beautifully painted and imaginative composition.

alphaogue's avatar

Hey 🥰 it be really cool if any of yall could check out my recent art peice and gimme some feedback! Thanks

Wyzzel's avatar

Fantastic work!

MelodicChronic's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous work!!
BlackVulmea's avatar
Beautiful and terrifying in equal measure. Well done.
cpafait's avatar

so demoniac! so attractive! seriously I like your style!

kaze26's avatar
Nolightishere's avatar
she kinda fine tho
nik-ivanov's avatar
This is amazing, thanks for sharing.
VirusTheIncubus's avatar
Warframe meets Diablo. Loving t h i s.
PathofLifeandStone's avatar
I really like the design of her head and the red cloth that wraps around her feet and gives her dynamism.
(Is that Puck in the description? Heart )
AlecRoberts's avatar
Begone fell temptress. Is not my addiction to LOR series enough?  
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soulSmith1's avatar

Genuinely love the hair.

Zimariel's avatar
The Style looks like Magic the Gathering, that's awesome...  n_n
Nandina's avatar
Reminds me of a desire demon from dragon age
V-vrus's avatar

That red cloak/blood is really nice! We understand that she is evil thanks to the nails... Really scary nails.

KingOfCopper16's avatar
wow, wonder what she would be like without that cloth in her head
elieh-art's avatar
Krookodile553's avatar

She looks kinda like the Summoner from Doom 2016

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