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awesome! am enjoying your work on a fav subject :) (LOTR)

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Your style is so unique! It adds so much to the story telling. Well done!

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Ooooh, I LOVE the colors and vibe of this!!!! :la: :dummy:

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You have awesome art work. Can I ask what programs you use?

AnatoFinnstark's avatar
Procreate and photoshop :)
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This picture makes me wonder what a story from the perspective of the

Nazgul could be like. something that gives them personality and a tragic background + motivation for finding the right that are understandable.

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Fine work...intense...
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i like the ink in water effect , cool!

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Wow, so awesome! The mood is just perfect. :D
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This is GOOD . . . DAAAAAMN Good!!! Where in the name of Horatio Malice did you come from and where have you been he hiding?

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Now, this is style. Every texture looks like stirred coffee and cream. 
You really hit it out of the ballpark with this!
AnatoFinnstark's avatar
Coffee ? God...This is my faorite compliment of all time :D tHANK YOU
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Incredible work! Awesome style. 
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Great piece, reminds me I have to finish those books
AnatoFinnstark's avatar
haha ^^You can also found them on audio book format, and its totally awesome :)
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love the way in which you hid the troll head or piece of a statue to invoke dread, even without a second person in the painting
AnatoFinnstark's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you like it :) 
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