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Hunter above the Sea of Fog

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A tribute to one of my favorite painters, "Mr- Caspar David Friedrich", and to my favorite game "Bloodborne" :)

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JustFun101New Deviant

Wow, it's been a while since I last saw one of Caspar's beautiful landscapes. And then you go and mix it with Bloodborne.

Mad props to you! :D

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Fantastic. Love Caspar and love Bloodborne. Perfect combo :D

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You took my favorite painting and made it better
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A most excellent work and a most excellent homage - for some reason this reminds me of the scene from FRANKENSTEIN (the novel) where Victor Frankenstein meets his creation for the first time since it's inauspicious birth!

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SaturnDogArtHobbyist Digital Artist

This is really nice. Too bad there is a lack of the shipwrecks or of the Nightmare of Mensis area in the background, i suppose this is the Nightmare Frontier.

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Excellent job :) :clap:

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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist

splendid scenery :aww:

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AngelicAdonisHobbyist Traditional Artist

That's really amazing!

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FaolSidheHobbyist Writer

Les deux se marient admirablement.

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Ohh... I know exactly what painting you paraphrase. I don't know what it's called, but I saw it in the context of talking about romanticism, next to "Suffering of young Werter"

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It's called Wanderer above the Sea of Fog and yes, it's one of the most representative paintings of the Romantic movement.

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A truly wondrous sight...
To see the sun again...
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LightinLynProfessional Traditional Artist

now that's just smart!

good job combining two of your favorite things together

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Mr1LessergrisonNew Deviant

Amazing artwork.

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First thought on seeing the thumbnail : "Oh hey, someone's channelling Friedrich here".

Very nicely done! The mood here is just perfect :)

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Arthur-Ramsey General Artist

In Love

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GrimmlaProfessional Digital Artist

very nice!

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ClaytoneCarpeProfessional Writer

Très réussi ! ♥

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