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Wonderful composition and use of colours! That subtle red in the background of the upper image where the sun is being eclipsed and then the red slowly tapering off moving down the image where the colours are colder and more icy. And your use of stark light and shadow contrast in this while still retaining so many shades and nuances in between through the blue colour spectrum: beautiful.
The stark light and shadow contrast provides the image with a clear structure, but at the same time the many nuances still give lots of details one can enjoy on a more thorough viewing! :) Stunning. Heart 
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The amount of detail and love you put into these works is what I aspire to- just LOOK at all that!! The cloth, armor, hands-- AMAZING. Thank you for inspiring me. <3

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When you meet the final boss.
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Who, i've got to hand it to you, thats a very handsome guy.
And he looks nice, to, always willing to lend a hand.
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That is stunning! Amazing concept! :D
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This is the most magnificent piece of art I've seen in a while. Absolutely stunning.
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That is so cool!!!!
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Spectacular and epic
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Mighty epic as always ^^
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Always a pleasure ^^ your artistic visions are rad :D
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holy shit! this is badass!! love the berserk theme
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I swear to God that you and Nele-Diel are ENTIRELY responsible for all inspiration behind my new dark fantasy D&D campaign
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That's an honor sir :)
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That is simultaneously a really amazing and horrifying design.
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