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This looks almost exactly like one of the photos of the Charles Bridge I saw. Great job.

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Wow! This is a real masterpiece!!! And... I'm never gonna see Prague the same way again after seeing this...
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Love the details and highlights in this scene!
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As I said before. I wish the Bloodborne would have taken place during winter. That would have made it really interesting. Especially with whiteouts and such!
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looks as Charles Bridge
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So cold and mysterious.. :D
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Always happy to see Bloodborne getting some love. Got some Irithyll of the Boreal Valley vibes too

Beautiful and epic
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I also immediately thought of the Charles Bridge in Prague. A fantastic atmosphere and great colors. Masterful work.
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Excellently done as always!

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I recognise that place. Been there many times. Too many damn times...
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I love your gothic-related art. Wish you do more architecture.
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At first glance I though this was the Charles Bridge in Prague!
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