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Death on the way


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This artwork was made in collaboration with the talented artist Florent Desailly :
Is a freelance concept artist who creates magnificent 3d models of creatures and he allowed me to use his Black Dragon model to create this artwork.
( Black Dragon model :… )

He works for a project called "Lord of the Print", an artist collective who creates miniature models for tabletop games. Check out their work, it's totally wonderful :…

Thanks to Florent for this really cool collaboration. He also gave me permission to use other of his designs, so more are on the way ! :)

If you want to support the work of Lord of the print :

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how is this grandiose!

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Saw the little man in blue and thought, "Oh... That's Jace Beleren"

... I was wrong

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Amazing fantasy artwork!! :clap:

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Wonderful picture!

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This is so good and evocative

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Director, director, what a shot! As long as i remain out of sight, maybe behind one of these rock structures with such interesting texture or I should hide in the shadows of the foreground. Let me first get out of this water I find myself in with cool brushstrokes of reflections. Finally! Should be safe here, but what in the world is this person thinking. Could have lost a bet and thought it best to satiate another‘s appetite. No, this is insane! On second thought, maybe I spoke to soon. The person seems to be surrounded by some sort of energy, hope it will suffice because this great beast (awesome design) is certainly not impressed. My word! The sheer size, horns eager to impale, wings for on-the-go meals and fire…wait, I am not about to be roasted! And look at its mouth, with hues of scorching, digestive yellows, oranges, and reds. Also, what’s up with this posture (cool pose) displaying strength, aggression, and dominance. Welp, I’ll be dominating this escape plan I jus thought up. After realizing the fogs dense presence, I shall move freely undetected, I hope. However, I must see this encounter to its conclusion, for I sense ‘Death on the way’ and reap it shall today. I should write this down before I fog-get everything, lol. Epic scene! Great job!

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fantastic work here, the sense of size is great and i love the contrasting colours between the dragon and the dude :D

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incredible scene!

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Fantastic! Wonderful art!

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Love it! Great use of the model.

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I've got this. <3

The Princess Laughs ...

Magnificent work once again! <3

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