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Very lovely work!

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Yessss 😭 my favoriiiteees

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nice atmospheresnowflake bullet 
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wonderful, great work~! 
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Truly spectacular, wonderful work. 10000000000000000000000000000000/10
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Beautiful and atmospheric
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THIS is so incredible O.o

The colors are so nice and the person's clothing is great and the lighting on the snow is sooo prettyyyy
Great work!
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I really like the colors in this painting ~ The warm highlights contrast well with the wintery setting, and it really brings attention to he woman's red hood and gloves. It's expertly done! And you did a great job framing the woman in the composition as well :) I like all of the leading lines from the rocks to the fence posts with literal arrows pointing towards the woman. There's a lot to like about this piece :D Fantastic work! You've earned yourself a watch!! Heart +fav 
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It looks so wonderful! Happy cry (Tears of joy) 
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It's beautiful, you're a great artist
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Such impressive work.La la la la  Gorgeous colours!Clap 

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thank you very much ! :)
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would have been nice if it snowed in the dream some times
like depending on where you went to the dream, the dream reflected it a bit
like if you go to cainhurst and go to the dream it has snow
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