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Fantastic, love the coloring and the style. Your bloodborne-art is amazing!

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Milo Manara, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, Kentaro Miura, H. R. Giger....

*a man of culture meme here*

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Great work & A+ title.
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very nice! Just wanna say i love your Bloodborne-Stuff!
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Magnificent and beautiful
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“May the good blood guide your way.” -Vileblood Hunter Alfred. 😁👍
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All you had to do was cleanse Yharnam, Good Hunter!
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Worst place in the world.

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Odeon Heights Yharnam country.
I ain't represented the hunter's workshop in years, but the Great Ones don't give a s**t.
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aaaah, haunting :3 bravo

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How do you paint geometry like the ornaments?

With the brush tool or curves (pen tool)?

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owo everyone gonna remember Anato memes ! owo
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"I told the thief that we would need those gold and silver gem-encrusted keys again ... but no!  He wanted to sell them!  That was before the Princess got captured ... again!"  :)
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