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A Moment of Clarity

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Is that Willow's girlfriend from btvs?

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Even the highest is bound to the essence of life. Never fight the power that drives you.

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Nice atmospheric perspective in the background and cool designs of the trees, there shapes give caution to not venture any further—creepy, and interesting. Love your render of the tree closest to us, the greenish hue variations, the different brushwork conveying texture and it’s form—the tree exudes character. And speaking of character, I’m loving these blues, teal, turquoise, yellow, green, orange you used here—aquatic, and vibrant. Such a dichotomy of beauty and danger, alluring and threatening to the character. There’s an interesting symbolism, allegory, metaphor (probably some other literary terms, lol) of the crowned skull and sword in the possession of the character. (I would love to comment further on this last point, but I'm afraid it would be a tad bit long-winded, lol.) However, I like the pink hair as it falls like veins upon the roots of the tree. It’s vein-like appearance conveys a kind of connection with the environment, a reliance. Oh my gosh! I want to say so much more on this piece. I feel like I’m in school and you’ve assigned us an essay of our thoughts on this painting, lol. There’s so much more here, but I’ll put it in park. Such a beautiful, thought provoking piece. Great work!

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Can you share how many thumbnails till you found what you like and start roughing it in?

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Gorgeous and majestic

"...wait...I was suppose to give him the sword, not kill him with it."

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this is amazing!!!

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