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- Where I Belong -

Darling stop confusing me
with your wishful thinking
hopeful enbraces
don't you understand?
I have to go through this
I belong to here where
no-one cares and no-one loves
no light no air to live in
a place called hate
the city of fear

I play dead
it stops the hurting
I play dead
and hurting stops

it's sometimes just like sleeping
curling up inside my private tortures
I nestle into pain
hug suffering
caress every ache

I play dead
it stops the hurting

Bjork - Play Dead

Take from it what you will..
Think of it what you need to think...

This is me and my art..

Always been an angel, trying to do good.
But the inner demon always surfaced to change the outcome.
Forsaken, cast away, yet still loved.
But sometimes, that's not enough...

Photoshop & Tablet
References used and inspired by:…

Used for the cover of "Here Come the Wicked" by Tessa Crane:…

This work may not be published, used, tubed, edited or worked with without my permission
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This work is in my "Inspiration" collection. Why?
Because it's something yet so macabre and yet so beautiful. The hard parts, which look painful (blood, thorns) are like erased by her beauty. Her empty eyes can't show any confusion, but the fight between the thorn and the wing that seems to grow is more then enough to represent the good and the evil which after all is sanded in every person.
The smoothness of the image as well as the colors work together to create that mystic/dark atmosphere and the lights make the details and her shape stand out.

It's indeed a very nice image - inspirational for every artist!
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Hello,your wonderful work has been featured at #Liliths-Realm at Highlights of the week -33rd Edition 2016

Featuring your work is a way for thanking you being part of our Lilith's Realm home and for allowing us the display of your art into our galleries.

If possible,please fave the journal or just make a comment. Thanks and enjoy the feature!

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this really speaks to me because it tells a story. Wonderful
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Thank you so much!
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:O Your work is absolutely stunning hun!
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Thank you so much!! For all your kind words! I really appreciate it :hug:
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Your very welcome! Your artwork is amazing!!
u do extrordinary work
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:d can't say this one is spineless because the piece has some greta backbone running through
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Best....comment.... EVER!!!!! xD
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I doubt that, but, message received I'ld say :d
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SO AWESOME! I keep coming back to this-----
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Darkly awesome---!!
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I connect with the poem/lyrics you added. I really do. I love this picture as well. The thorns and wings along with her blank eyes, but something about her almost gives a hopeful feeling (To me at least.) Almost as if, she's not giving up..
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Thank you so much for your kind words.
And it IS supposed to be a hopeful painting :)
Just in a weird and twisted way.....

As much as she is fighting the darkness (thorns etc), there is still a perfect balance between light and dark in the painting.

The song and lyrics are by Bjork. Love the song and the music! :heart:
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This deviation has been featured in my journal. Please let me know if you would prefer it to be removed. You can find it here: [link]
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Thank you so much for the honor and compliment!
I'm flattered to be posted alongside such amazing artwork.

Thanks again!!! :hug:
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Very cool work! it seems so subtle when first looking at it, but it's great to see all the little details and colour shades. well done!
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This amazing deviation was featured in my Daethly Deviant XVII News Article. Please remember to support the article (with a :+fav:, comment or both) as well as your fellow featured artists. Thank you.

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Wonderful. I was always envious with people who could paint such scariness and darkness... I only try to produce this in writing, and it is not easy there either...
very good you mind if i use it for me desktop?
lol...i meant my desktop
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