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- Spree -

By Anathematixs
The first painting for Shu'alu, Volume 2: "Changing Your Forever" is of Spreelavelyore Gonzeru (Spree for short...and stiff-tongued humans). Don't let her charm and kind heart fool you, however. She is untouched as the fiercest warrior among the elite Sangushie Tribe of woodland elves. The Sangushie Warriors are the guardians of The Watchtower of the North and their golden city, Álfheim, and the Gonzeru family has been considered the last line of defense, beside The Great Wall, for many ages. - L.B. Conahan

For additional information, excerpts, quotes etc, please pay a visit to the author's dA page: :iconlb-conahan: or his website:

And, as a special bonus and promotional feature, a song has been created to accompany the books:…

The book is now available on:
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Kindle/e-Book: To follow soon

Book one:
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The copyright for the characters belongs to L.B. Conahan and Suzanne van Pelt and may not be used, referenced, reproduced, posted or altered without our expressed written and signed permission.
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She looks pretty.  Excellent job. 
KateFrankienaBeck's avatar
She looks beautiful! I like your style of painting, it is so soft :aww  I wish I could draw at least half like you :D (Big Grin) 
BleedingPixels98's avatar
Holy crap this is so pretty
MatheusHQD's avatar
amazing work, the colors are great in this painting
V1EWT1FUL's avatar
i was gonna mention that
Anathematixs's avatar
Gemma Ward, Dakota Fanning and the author's imagination :D
mustai's avatar
I dislike elf ears, but this character... goes to favorites.
Anathematixs's avatar
:glomp: That makes me very happy
Velkaarn's avatar
I love this image, she's exceptionally cute. Though I tend to find myself thinking a halfling for some reason and have actually used the picture as a custom portrait for a halfling character in Baldur's Gate. Perhaps an elf-halfling hybrid would be closer really.

Inspired by this portrait I'm putting the book on my to-do list of reading. ;)
LB-Conahan's avatar
Over 10k views, eh?  I'm pleased everyone liked this one so much. Thanks to everyone for their interest and such. Thanks again, Suzy, (despite the rather heated argument we had about painting Party sparkly skin) ya done good. ;) 
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Beautiful And Cute Fantasy Portrait.
Blackrose1323's avatar
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AHH.. such a beautiful painting I love ittt!!, Hope to see more from you :love:
Anathematixs's avatar
Thank you so much!! So very glad you like it as much as you do :hug:
Storytellertobe's avatar
Awesome picture, wonderful style and character. Very beautiful, nicely done!
Anathematixs's avatar
Thank you so much!
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WoW !!!! out of the world !!
what program you use ??
Anathematixs's avatar
Thank you! I used Photoshop CS2 and a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.
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