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- Shirley Manson -

She is just too awesome... seriously.
Another one of the WIPs I had wandering on my hard drive that just had to get finished this year. Going to try to finish more!!
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Awesome! Yap! Shirley Manson is soooo sexy ^^
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Very nice! Shirley Manson is quite awesome in my book and you captured her wonderfully!
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there is an artist, it could be her lol, totally looks like her... she calls herself ,,Pixie'' she is a german artist XD but she has blue eyes, though the shape of the face and the haircut looks so alike... :x
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Gahhhhhhhhh :faint:

So good!!!
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Thank you so much!!!
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You really nailed the angle! :)
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You are looking at nose number... I lost count.. 32? xD But it was really good practice! :D
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Oh gosh, that many noses? I have issues making noses look different from each other, but maybe drawing them 32 times will help with that :p

I think you got it completely right in the end!
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illustrator photoshop????
and wonderful
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Photoshop ^_^ And thank you
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I agree, WOW. Did this have a photo ref or did you just pull this entire amazing thing out of your head? Either way, it's pretty fantastic.
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Thank you so much, sweetheart! :glomp:
I had a photo ref when I started it.. but I lost it, so I improvised about half of it xD
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It's amazing either way!!
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