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- Sera -

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed painting her!
Even though she is not as "elf-y" as some of the other DA elves, she does have a few distinct elven facial features (apart from the obvious ears :P ). Those always throw me off a little. Good practice for when I get around to painting Solas :D

Photoshop CS6 & Wacom Intuous 4
Several cinematic and in-game screenshots used for references.
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Wow. Really nice skin texture. Her face jumps off page.  
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Wow! You painted her very well:clap:

PS: She is my new favorite DA character :)
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Thank you so much!

I really enjoyed a lot of her dialogue as well :D
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So, true. Such a wonderful character. The best in DAI ;)
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I love Sera! She cracks me up! XD
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Christ! This art deserves so much more faves\views and just loooove!!! it's incredibly well done! Perfection!
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Thank you so much for those incredibly nice words :glomp:
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Phantastic art looks just like in the game ^^
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Great work! The lighting and texture are very believable.
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Thank you so much!
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Wonderful art! Love it Heart 
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Awwwwww yisss <3 <3 <3

Dude, the freckly moles and biz, totally righteous <3
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jawdrop revamp Okay, that's it! You've just gained a new watcher!
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YAY! Welcome to the nuthouse :D
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And now I realise I actually forgot to Click the watch button... well... this is embarrassingSweating a little... 
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It's okay. We'll pretend you did and no one's the wiser :P
And thank you again.
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Oi, stop making me feel like some sort of fangirl stalker by favouriting everything you've done!

This is bloody amazing, as usual! Can't wait to see Solas :D
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Hahaha sorry!!!!! :XD:
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Sera is a marmite character. I happen to like her. nicely done . you got that contemptuous yet mischievous look she carries
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Spot on! I can't stand her (she sounds ridiculous, especially for a fantasy setting, for one), but a couple of my (non-English) friends really like her. No accounting for taste, eh? You're also right about how her character is ably captured in the picture.
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lol well I guess i have no taste either, because I like her.  like Cass said to Verric when he said he was going on her, 'like fungus'  she's sorta cockney without the rhyming-slang
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I think I could deal with that odd mix of northern and Cockney, if she'd not end all her sentences with "...right?" or "...yeah?" or the worst, "...innit?". I cringe every time. And her face, haha. Oh, and her disdain for elvish culture and history.
I have wondered whether she is disliked by English people and liked by people from other countries (for soundng 'quaint', or whatever), but hard to say since I'm the only English person I know who plays it...
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