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September 6, 2007
- Liliana - by =Anathematixs is just one amazing example from this artists' gallery! The colors and sharpness of the eyes and details really make this portrait a unique breathtaking work of art.
Featured by cosmosue
Suggested by Sophquest
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- Liliana -

Photoshop & Tablet; aprox. 30 hours

Based on a portrait of the lovely Liliana a.k.a. Princess-of-Shadows :iconprincess-of-shadows:


FINALLY I'm getting a real hold of sharpness
(I know, I've been saying that for the past weeks, but now I feel like I'm really REALLY getting there!! :D )
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xnnw's avatar
Gosh, the colors and lightning are totally impressive ! Congratulations, it's amazing !
VespyFox's avatar
So gorgeous! I absolutely love this piece! 
xVictoriaBloedAkmx's avatar
Hey. I use this here :…
I credit you. Because this is awesome. *w* 
comicscolorist's avatar
this is awesome :) added to favs
Anathematixs's avatar
Thank you so much!
oWatson's avatar
I'd like to use this as a DP for my imvu account, HisDolliee, but I'm not sure how to credit you. x.x

This really is a wonderful piece of work, thank you for sharing it with us.

Link to what I've done with it:…

I kept your watermark on it. 
Anathematixs's avatar
Thank you for asking! And thank you for leaving my signature intact, I really appreciate it.
If there is any way you could credit both myself and Liliana Sanchez (the model) that would be amazing!
ForsakenSacrifice's avatar
Would it be okay to use this as a display picture for me?
If so, would it be alright for me to make a gif using the original and a color-altered version?
I will of course give all credit to you and will not blur our your watermark.

Thanks for reading and replying. <3
Your work is amazing.
Anathematixs's avatar
Thank you so much for your interest in my art!
As long as you credit both myself and :iconprincess-of-shadows: it should not be a problem.

Thanks for asking! And please, do link it to me. I'd love to see the end-result!
ForsakenSacrifice's avatar
Of course! Thank you. :3
RavenAnabell's avatar
Hi! I really liked that picture so I drawed it in black and white with pencil. :)
Not quite the same but I tried. :)
Anathematixs's avatar
Oh, wow!! I love what you did with it!!
You did a much better job on the hair than I did back then! :D
Be sure to poke :iconprincess-of-shadows: as well, as it's a portrait of her that I based it on and I am sure she'd be absolutely stoked to see it! :glomp:
RavenAnabell's avatar
Thanks :) I'll let her know :)
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Gorgeous! 30 well spent hours! :)
MystikalMayhem's avatar
This is stolen. I have a picture of it with the full body. Why would you do that ?
Anathematixs's avatar
I painted this picture 5 years ago. Contact Princess of Shadows (Liliana Sanchez) if you don't believe me.
She provided the reference for this and has seen the entire process.
I did not steal this painting. The reference is in the description if you'd like to take a look and you will find it matches.
Please research some background before you go accusing people of stealing.
It's quite a big accusation you are making.
Mitia-Arcturus's avatar
Dear Friend Anathematixs
Your Artwork is featured in
:iconart-portraits: ...and...:iconaction-portraits:
You are welcome!!! ...

Best regards...:heart:
LevanaTempest's avatar
Again beautyful!:heart:

It would be my honor to feature your work in:iconhigh-vision: Suzanne!

lilyluvsgreencats23's avatar
LoveThatPanda99's avatar
I think this is stolen, I have seen a version of this with a whole body
taste-of-sunshine's avatar
I love the lighting and color.. this is awesome.
PaatySanchez's avatar
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