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- Let Me In -

By Anathematixs
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Ahhhhhh, romance....
Worked on this on and off between commissions, after a conversation with :iconashtoreth:
It started as a joke, but I guess the joke is on me since I finished it :P hehe

Cullen x Trevelyan.
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do some more with them! as sexy as it is!!! please!
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Very sexy!  I love it!
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Omg, I love this! 

Just Cullen (again) forget to take down his armor lol Love 
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Wow love this! ^.^
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The emotion is palpable!
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If that's a joke, then I need to see the serious stuff. ;)
Looks really awesome and is feeding the Curly-fangirl inside me.
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Hehehe, no comment xD
And thank you so much!! Really glad the Cully-Wully feels worked :D
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To call the atmosphere of this piece Hot and Smouldering would be a colossal understatement.

I've yet to do a playthrough of my own with a Cullen-mance, but from what i've seen in a few uploads, I say there's a great deal of emotion put into that romance ranging from heartfelt love to sexual tension and all of that has been beautifully captured in this artwork. Clap Clap Clap   
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Ahhhh yes. I do believe the Cullenmance is the most elaborate one and I greatly recommend it, if you can take the feels :P lol
Thank you so much for the compliment :hug: You are awesome
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:hug: thank youuuuuuuuu
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O.O exactly the same pose (Cullen holding her leg,…desk,…y'know) I had in my canon and wanted to draw some day.


My first thought while the ingame scene was “OMG, poor Inquisitor! A man with approx. 85 kg with extra armour weight of approx. 30 kg over her!” So I always asked myself (in my canon xDDD) what’s with taking off armour and cloths? And then I came to the conclusion, that it will takes too long to get rid off all the cloth-layers, armour, pauldrons, vambraces, gloves…So I think your interpretation fits best! And by the way I love this! It’s so sexy and romantic and thank you for filling everyones canons with real images! HugYour work is awesome, and TrevelyanxCullen are my favourite.

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I thought the exact same thing!!! I know it was supposed to be all "hot and romantic", but all I could think was "ouch, someone's getting crushed".  xD
This painting is open to a lot of free interpretation and I really like that about it. I tried to give it a lot of subtext, both emotionally and romantically/sexually. They are both very closed off people, taking a lot of coercing to say how they feel or share emotions. So "let me in" can be taken as both an emotional statement and a more physical one.
.... I overthink things a lot....

And thank you so much for the lovely words and compliments!! :hug:
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Well if there's one thing about any form of art, it's that it can never be overthought. A picture needs to tell a story to have the best effect and this one does so marvelously.
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phwaaaaaa cullen, mmm-mm!
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Oh...oh my... *FANS SELF*  That is incredible!!

I had to share this for my fellow Cullenites on the Cullenmancer's subreddit:…  :D
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Thank you!
And thank you so much for sharing it. The reactions made me laugh :D Very happy to hear it gets the "right" reactions. LOL
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