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- High Key Speedpaint -

A quite simple speedpaint... Got stuck on a commission, so I decided to doodle a bit and pretty soon I got inspired and painted this.
I'd love to write an elaborate story to go with it, but it's really just a speedpaint :P

Photoshop & Wacom tablet

This work may not be used, tubed, redistributed, posted, altered or printed without my permission.
My art is not stock!
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Wow that's an amazing artwork! It's truly hypnotizing! Wonderful work
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Gorgeous! <3
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It is beatiful . Your painting is beautiful :D 
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Stunning. The blue eyes just pierce your soul like ice. The white is a lovely canvas for that power. 
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I agree with StyxAndBones previous comment. This is almost to pretty... bordering perfection. AMAZING! Very beautiful.
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So pretty... Almost... Too pretty... Lol
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Heavenly =) I love the white skin with all the blue undertones.
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Hiya :)  I've given this piece a feature over here ->…
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Very pretty, I love how all the colors go together so well! 
Amazing! Very impressive:)
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wow! Your picture is so pretty!
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I really don't like it when people with talent call really nice looking art "speedpaint" just because it didn't take them a livetime to make. It would take an average person AGES to make something like that. Being too humble is an insult to other people's talents.
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Firstly, I want to thank you for your comment. It's not every day you get such an honest review from someone who is not afraid to speak their mind.

Without wanting to take a defensive stand here, I would like to explain my reasoning for calling this a speedpaint.
I did not post this artwork with the thought of saying "Look at me! I am so awesome that I can paint this in a little over an hour!" (or however long it took me) To be honest, I had no idea this work would get half of the attention it got. There are paintings in my gallery that took me forever and a day to paint, that have not gotten an inkling of the attention this piece has gotten, so my personal feelings towards this painting are, quite frankly, wry.
I am very sorry that my description offended or insulted any one, as this was never my intention.
These paintings are all blurry with a few strategically placed details, making them look more detailed than they really are.

Would writing a tutorial for paintings like this make a difference?
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Thank you for clearing that up! I know you or any other artist never meant to offend or belittle anyone else with lesser talent, it simply looks bad on paper.

A tutorial is something I think everyone would appreciate as you're very talented and if making THAT amazing thing didn't take you long, I think a lot of people would be inspired to try. I know I would delve into it straight away!
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No problem!

I will try to make it a video tutorial, since I find that those explain a lot more. Easier to understand when you can see what I am doing whilst I explain it, I think.
And I'll be sure to post a journal about it when it goes up.

Again, thank you for the comment.
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Great, I really can't wait! I do digital art too and dream of self improvement. I think your style and techniques will prove useful to me. :3
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Dedicated to you :hug:… (The link to the video is in the description)
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Oh wow <3 I'm gonna watch it right away!
Stunning artwork. Have used it as my avatar with due credit in Batoto Forums.

Awesome work!! :D
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