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- Hades and Persephone -

By Anathematixs
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A commission I finished a while a go. I believe it was last November.
Trying to catch up on some uploading ^_^

Comments from the person who commissioned me:
I've always thought of the story of Persephone and Hades as more than spring maiden gets kidnapped, raped, and tricked into eating. That story just never felt right to me, although I have no evidence of it. To me, Persephone symbolizes that moment of being in the middle of the crossroads and choosing her own path by choosing to eat the seeds, and that there is almost a rebirth for her in that moment. I also love the dichotomy that then emerges in her myth between her younger carefree self and the empowered queen of the underworld. I don't necessarily want her to look badass action heroine, but for the basis for that to be there. Hades is less clear cut to me because I don't focus on it being a love story (although I do love the idea of chemistry between winter and spring like that) because it is mainly about that moment of powerful choice for Persephone for me.
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I like to think that Hades visits his wife on the surface because she summoned him just to spite her mother.

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Where is this person getting there info? Most versions don't have Hades raping Persephone at all, one version actually has Zeus doing that.
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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Icon  OH MY GOOOOOD!  What's mastery! So fascinatingly! *_* 
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:jawdrop: Now that is one mighty artwork to make a comeback with! Also, as a lover of Greek Mythology, might I add: :heartyfaint: 
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Very beautiful work! !!!!
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I love them <3 !
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Damn, that's sooooo pretty
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This is so immaculate 
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