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- Cullen -

By Anathematixs
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And here is the complete painting :D
You can see a zoomed in detail here: - Painting Detail - by Anathematixs

Several references used
Photoshop CS6 and Wacom Intuous 4
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© 2015 - 2021 Anathematixs
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Wow...this is so good!

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OMG!  That smirk!  I almost died when I saw this one.  I so remember that scene from the game!  XD!!  LOL!  So well done!  Beautiful!
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I swear, those "I love you looks" will...just...ARRGGGHHH
TalviEnkeli's avatar
Andraste's blood! My heart skipped a beat, when I saw your painting! :wow:
R-a-v-3-n's avatar
Oh wow this is amazing 0.0 It so realistic ^^
lovelykotori's avatar
omg this smile... I love it so much. I wish Cullen would exist in real
Anathematixs's avatar
You're not the only one... :D
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Oh, Commander Cullen :heart: :heart:
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I think with Dorian and Morigan, your Cullen is just perfect !
Anathematixs's avatar
Thank you so much!!! :glomp:
Istriel's avatar
I'm hypnotized by your pic :heart:_:heart:
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Sooooo freakin' perfect!! I'm beyond in love!! Awesome work! :D
Waldmonster's avatar
Oooooooh, Cullen <3 I love this guy so much! And even so I love your picture <3
Anathematixs's avatar
Thank you so much! I just cannot seem to get myself to not romance him every playthrough xD
The-Black-Rose-1989's avatar
Maker save my heart from failure! The details...the facial's so perfect! This is the masterpiece I've been looking for! Damn you are one HELL of an artist!! :D
Anathematixs's avatar
Thank you so much for such an amazing compliment!! And for all your lovely comments. I tried to reply to all of them :glomp:
The-Black-Rose-1989's avatar
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It's beautiful! Congrats!

(Oh, I'm doing the romance with him in Inquisition, oh jesus!!!! That sex scene)
Anathematixs's avatar
Thank you so much!!!
I love his romance!! :D
ManuMarin-Chan's avatar
It's nothing dear!!! <3
He is such a sweet!
Danimals927's avatar
Ugh that smirk! haha this is beautiful! great job! <3
Anathematixs's avatar
Thank you so much!
Yeah, his smirk is ovary explosives...
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