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- Comm. Up Close -

Commission for a friend of mine.

This is a painting of his girlfriend.
He wanted it have sort of an angelic feeling to it, so I decided to paint it like a high key photograph.

Got a great amount of ref pics, which I kinda mixed up and rolled into this :D

Photoshop & Tablet; aprox. 20 hours
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Perfect!! Positively angelic, especially the eyes.
Één woord.

Gewoon prachtig, ok das twee, heh.
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Details :P 1...2... 1 pot nat XD

Maar dank je wel! :D
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WOW!!! that awesome. she kind of looks like Kristen Bell.
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Great job. She actually looks real.
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hey waitta minute, I've seen this somewhere...
umm.. nom nom...
AH! one of them Exotique magazine!! Holy Sh8t!! :wow:
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Wow I thought this was real!! Great job!
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thats drawn?!
:jawdrop: awesome
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This is truly amazing!!!

Note: Does anyone think this woman sorta looks like Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist?
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DAAAAMN SON YOUVE GOT MAD SKILLS. how in the HELL did you dooo that?
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nothing to say other than " I JUST LOVE HER "
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sooooo beautiful, i love this pic!
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Amazing picture. I love how soft and bright you've made it. You should do a tutorial on graphic pen work with colour. I've only ever done black and white. Again, great work :)
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a great artwork! beautiful eyes, great colors and lightning!
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very beautiful
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OMFG, i didn't thought it was just a drawing in the search, and when i saw it my jaw just dropped..
very beautiful and angelic
excellent job :dance:
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:aww: She is so cute, i loved this paiting =D
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the detail on this is amazing!
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holy crap, his girlfriend is Kristen bell? O_O
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