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Waiting for the evening

An illustration to Tango Goodbye" written by Tcyca.

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Would it be alright with you if I featured this image on my fanart research blog/mailing list? I will credit and link back. feel free to message me to ask questions. 
Is there this fic in english? or french? or italian? or other laguage? give link, please.
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This picture is totally awsome... He looks a lot like daniel radcliffe here :heart:

Sad, that i can't undersdtand a single word russian.... is there no english translation or something? :hug:
XxAmandaXxRaeXx's avatar
where is this fanfic at?
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it is in Russian :) do you understand that language?
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This is so fantastic! I am so going to read "Tango Goodbye".
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You wouldn't happen to know if this has been translated into English?
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thanks! no, sorry, this is only in Russian
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What is happening in this picture?
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Harry reads the letter. It says that Snape is gonna die in 30 days because of the curse.
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Wow, I'm impressed :wow:
The moonlight through the window and its shadow are awesome O_O
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I love how you draw Harry! This one is so emotional--wonderful face and body language! :)
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Super bella la imagen te quedan geniales y me muero por leer el fic :)
Mharluy's avatar
sorry I do not speak English
but I said I like the image
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