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Summer moved on

Listen to the A-Ha - Summer moved on

Behold, the Green Probe!  commissions ARE OPEN Behold, the Green Probe!

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LERV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why is your art always so perfect?
This is just gorgeous.
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лапули :3
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gosh he must 've trained a lot to carry him ^^ I always loove your colouring, wish i could do it. its so nice an simple, and propably it isn't
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well, I've spent so much time to find the colours first. And then there were a long hours of painting :)
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This reminds me of a Snarry fic where Harry went somewhere for the summer for a vacation and ran into Severus who obviously wasn't dead, but had tried to escape and make a new life. They agreed to "pay around" until summer ended, but the ending is just lovely.
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Бедный Северус, надеюсь он не будет таскать Гарри всю жизнь)) Хорошего понемножку))) А так, если совсем честно, это обалденно)))
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всю жизнь будет тащить его на горбу своем, ага ;)
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amazing song that suits an amazing art piece
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This is lovely. I especially like the way you've drawn the motion into their hair and the waves. Nice color pallate and Snape in green stripes--ooh!!

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ahahahhaha :):):) thank you!
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Так тепло и прекрасно, что хоть бери и медитируй под неё! Очень красиво. Снейп таким вдохновлённым и довольным выглядит, d'aww.
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а что, на Гаре женился, медовый месяц прошел отлично, и вообще - нельзя, что ли, человеку нормально после войны отдохнуть? Заслужил :D :D :D :D
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