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Somebody Kill Me Please

This is an illustration to the one of my favourite snarry-fanfics "Mistletoe" written by Forever then some (yeah, finally this fic is in English :))
The art was created for the challenge on Spinners--End.
You can download this fic here…
PLEASE! GUYS! DOWNLOAD IT HERE! I can't send the file to everyone, don't ask me about it.

Behold, the Green Probe!  commissions ARE OPEN Behold, the Green Probe!

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This is great!  (I think somebody might be reusing parts of your art, though:  A Grimmauld Place )
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Woah! Great style... Nice!
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Fantastic picture like always, where can I find this fanfic,please?
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Severus is like "Don't ask."
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AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: 
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you're welcome! that professor mcgonagall in the back?
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oh what?! that lady looks like her! :o
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I don't know the fic but their faces are priceless. ^.^
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OMG!Mislieloe is one of my favorite snarry-fanfics as well,I love Aunt Clara!Thanks for drawing!
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Harry looks cute, curled up and barefoot like that!:D
AnastasiaMantihora's avatar
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cool you have the gran from twilight' ha
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yep, I saw her as auntie Clara :)
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Your style is wonderful and you do a superb Snape.  Thanks for sharing.
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After I saw this I had to check it out. It was so worth the read I just could not stop reading. It made me want more.
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