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Follow this link to read "Rapture" written by Mia Ugly…

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This was beautifully angsty but left me happy, again your art work brings the story more alive for me.
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Hi! I'm translating Mia Ugly's fanfic and I happened to find your beautiful drawing. May I add a link to your deviantart page, so that the readers can see your work? It's really great! Many compliments! :)
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Och, this is beutiful story! And your picture is perfect!
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ВСЕ твои работы чудесны, Очень нравится цвет и как ты используешь текстуру. А еще Гарри здесь очень сексуальный)
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ыыы спасибо)
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Oh my god, I remember reading this forever ago! I cannot describe in words how much I love your drawing! Harry is so sexy here (sassypantsss)! Would you mind it terribly if I posted this to my blog on Tumblr? I'll even post a link to your official site? Thanks so much for posting this! c:
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Aww of course you can do it! thank you!
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That's great to hear! It looks lovely.
Here is a link so you can check out if I need to add anything: [link]
Tarah! <3
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Harry is sexy here, i'm lovin' him! :D
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What can I say, I just LOVE this... ♥
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Wow! Fantastic artwork!
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harry looks awesome in this pic!
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This is really good :D I love it
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