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Etsy Store Now Open - Exclusive Discount by AnastasiaCatris

I decided to take a little break from my Etsy store over Christmas once the final post day to the USA had passed. I always find it difficult to keep it open after that date as I would hate any of my overseas customers to be disappointed if they wanted to order something as a gift, and a simple note on the store front doesn't always seem to be enough to warn people. 

But, my Etsy store is now back and better than ever with a whole host of brand new stock and lots more to come. This includes APs for sketch card sets I have been lucky enough to work on in the last two years, original pages from the Colour Me Mindful series and Cirque Du Mort as well as the usual selection of prints and comic pages. I will also be adding a few new commission types over the coming weeks based on the feedback from a Facebook poll I have been running which you can vote on here

How about you? What would you like to see for sale in my store? More commission styles? A particular type of fan art? Adoptables? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Don't forget to use the discount code INSTAGRAM1 to get a 10% discount off purchases of £10 GBP or more.
FREE Kindle by AnastasiaCatris

You can currently grab Cirque Du Mort: Volume One for FREE on your Amazon Kindle or Kindle app on your phone/e-reader over the holiday season. This offer is made available by KDP Select and is only available from Dec. 22nd - Dec. 26th. Grab your copy while you can and enjoy your visit to the haunted circus with some spooky tales over the Festive Season.

'Cirque Du Mort' is a collection of gruesome short stories centering around the cast of a haunted circus. Their lives, loves, deaths and everything in between. From the tragic to the ridiculous, the romantic to the macabre, each character in this cursed carnival has a story to share with you. 

Meet Felicity and Mallory: the famous Janus sisters. They shared a womb, a life, a liver, a grave... 

Or Mimi the Mime. Once a chatty clown with stories to tell - she just couldn't hold her tongue. So someone held it for her... 

Roll up! Roll up! Enter if you dare... The greatest show NOT of this Earth... 

'Cirque Du Mort' is a self published book; written, edited and illustrated by Anastasia Catris. It was published in May 2015 and launched at London MCM Comic Expo. 

Volume One contains 10 unique and highly illustrated short stories surrounding different circus characters and how they met their grisly ends. Told in a variation of styles from fairy tales and nursery rhymes to fiction and realism, this is a collage of style and art that is bound to delight.

Don't forget to leave a review of the book on Amazon and Happy Holidays!

Christmas Colouring Book Giveaway by AnastasiaCatris

How would you like a chance to win not one, not two, not even three, but ALL SIX of the ‘Colour Me Mindful’ adult colouring books released by Orion Publishing in 2015? Not only will you get copies of the most recent releases ‘Seasons’, ‘Enchanted Creatures’ and ‘Butterflies’, but you will also get American copies (yes – that’s Color without the ‘U’) of the original ‘Color Me Mindful’ ‘Birds’, ‘Tropical’ and ‘Underwater’ by Gallery Books. These books measure 22cm squared (as opposed to the UK copies of 17cm squared) with a gorgeous gloss cover and are not available in this country.

As the UK ‘last post’ date is fast approaching before Christmas, the raffle will run until 15th December so that the winner will be able to get their books before Christmas Eve (this raffle is open to you lovely lot from countries other than the UK of course, but it won’t be guaranteed that you will get your books before Christmas depending on your location).

This would be an ideal way to bulk out your stockings, great gifts for family and friends, or just a great activity for you to have fun with and relax with some mulled wine and mince pie!

And don’t forget that ‘Colour Me Mindful’ ‘Seasons’ has some great Winter images to really get in the festive mood. Why not check out the hashtag#ColourMeMindful on Twitter or Instagram to see what gorgeous holiday pictures the other colourists out there are making.

There are plenty of ways to enter the Raffle after you have entered the first two mandatory options over on my BLOG from following on Facebook to posting an Amazon review (I know a lot of you have already been kind enough to do these things so, of course, your past follows count). Just follow the instructions on the simple Rafflecopter widget on my BLOGand GOOD LUCK! 

After much deliberation I have decided to return to DeviantArt (*Trumpets sounding!*) The main reason being I have met so many wonderful artists, cosplayers and just general people over the last few years doing conventions, signings and such; and so many of you use this as a platform to search not only my art, but show me yours. I know that I may not have a huge presence on here, but I am hoping to get to know a few more of you and update my galleries (this might take a while - I have A LOT of new artwork) over the coming days and weeks.

So I suppose I will start with an update. My creator-owned illustrated book of short horror stories 'Cirque Du Mort' was launched early this year at London MCM to great success. I have had some lovely feedback of all of you and really can't wait to get started on Volume 2. The exciting thing is that the 10 new characters I will be introducing you too were finally finalized the other day (during a quiet moment at Thought Bubble Festival of all things) and I will be teasing that soon on my Cirque Du Mort Facebook Page

This year also saw a brilliant year of freelance work. In the last few months I have been lucky to work for DC, Marvel, IDW, Dynamite and Fox on several upcoming sketchcard sets (as well as a few already released). I was also approached by Orion Publishers in the UK to create the artwork for their new adult colouring book series 'Colour Me Mindful'. This has since gone on to spawn 6 books(!) and a new series of drawing books in the new year entitled 'Draw Your Way To A Younger Brain'. 

So, needless to say this year has been a busy one and I can't wait for next year. I have a lot of personal commissions and sketchcards to be catching up on during the lead up to Christmas and hope I will be able to upload my backlog of work soon so that I can start posting new work more regularly. Until then, I hope you enjoy the work I do have to offer and look forward to chatting to you all along the way.
Just a quick message to let you all now that I am now on Instagram. You can find me at username AnastasiaCatris ( Would love to know if you have Instagram addies too so I can be sure to follow you back. 

I will also be cleaning up my DeviantArt over the next few days. This will mostly be updating my sketch cards and commissions and taking down a bunch of scraps. I haven't really been active in DA for a while (for which I apologize), but since getting my official website, my Kickstarter project and my Facebook page, I haven't found as much need for it. Once all of my current work is up-to-date I will probably be taking the time to start being a bit more active on here again. 

In the meantime, if you would like to get in touch with me a bit more directly, you can find me at any of the following places.

Twitter: AnastasiaCatris