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Poses Reference #12 (female)

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This time some women with spears and magic staffs ^^
Big size (7752x6000 pixels) JPG + PSD + PNG of all 12 poses and previous poses you can find on Patreon! Dance cat emoji  

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! You are free to use these art (for non-commercial works and gifts, as the refs and base for OC, refs in commissions).
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! If you you these refs, please, put the link on this page (I'll be very happy! ^^)

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Please, don't trace this art in adoptions, commissions and commercial works.

Thank you! 

More tutorials coming soon!
Previous poses:
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Under the rain by Anastasia-berry Hadesa by Anastasia-berry
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your art inspires me so much i've created several characters by just using your poses

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here is the final one! Essence s by Flopsea  
Flopsea's avatar
I don't know how to add a picture to my comment but look on my page to c the art :D
Flopsea's avatar
thank you so much! i have been having the hardest time with form lately and this is really helping! ill post my art when im done for you to see
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You put to form what I could not put to words. Thank you so much! 
C: RealLifeWalrus by Nostalgic-Approach
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All of your references are wonderful! The best part about them (for me) is that they focus on the structure of the body, so I can have more of an idea in terms of proportions and angles when drawing figures.Heart 
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Used ~ Thanks so much !! 
Awesome Undyne by thunderbolt3000
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These are great! Used as a reference here:
Black Opal for Tia-Moon78 by Veire
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good position on the staff/pole or something, got more?
Matilda2OO2's avatar
i'm gonna use one of these, if thats okay ^^
LadyxChrii's avatar
I'm using this for a drawing, it's fanart lol. I'm humanizing the Warframe, Nyx =3
sanriio's avatar
these are perfect for my character maya!!! bless u for making this
GeoKorf's avatar
like that body shapes, русская?
MrPheenox's avatar
i always have trouble with the ribcage, but you illustrated it nicely. thanks for the upload.
weavo's avatar
Cool stuff as ever!! Do you have male/female rock star poses, with instruments included or not?
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Your general grasp of anatomy is very good but you'd benefit from varying the body types you draw. Almost every single one of the women in your reference packs are skinny - dangerously so. I look at these women and their bodies immediately register as "anorexic" instead of simply "slender". Your figures also all have the exact same proportions - long legs, narrow waist, tiny hips and usually a decent bust despite their apparent appearance of being underweight.

A slightly more subjective complaint, but if this pose pack is themed around women with spears and staves, it feels slightly unnecessary to have three out of six (with a possible argument for four) of them posing super sexily with an item that's essentially one giant metaphor.
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did you know that there's an specific site where you can rant whatever you want in this kinda topics?
it's called youtube... take your shit out of here, these are just references esentially doesn't matter the complexion of the model... if you complain about how sexy the poses are... then why don't you do the same... get some confidence over yourself or some shit i hate womans that preach about other female figures being too sexy and shit that's pure jealousy... there's a fuckton of beautiful girl that i know, and surely i'm not the one, that doesn't take advantage of their beauty, only because the girl right next to her is "more beautiful" this is the fucking problem... you don't find nothing better than complain about something cuz it's easier that way, instead of actually doing something... 
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I know this is from three years ago, but you're still a clown

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three years ago and i still think that the opinion of a tumblrina it's less than nothing...
fuck off
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Three years ago and you still haven't grown any braincells. Trully impressive

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i can say the same about you... actually i bet your hunger for attention must've only grown overtime...
Onceuponatimetherwas's avatar

Sorry, sorry. I've made a mistake. Previously, I thought your IQ was just very low, however with this piece of information, I'm pretty confident in stating that it is at least in the negatives.

(I wasn't a part of this conversation 3 years ago, you're either very confused or just pulling shit out of your ass because you're mad, lmao)

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Thank you for your comment. This is the funniest thing I've ever read.
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