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Artist // Hobbyist // Traditional Art
  • Aug 22, 1986
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I am tired of it all.

Favourite Visual Artist
William Hogarth, Gustav Klimt, Caravaggio, Vincent van Gogh
Favourite Movies
Mary and Max, Loving Vincent, Star Wars Saga, WWII based movies, Requiem for a Dream
Favourite TV Shows
Allo, Allo , Keeping Up Appearances, Happy Tree Friends, Air Crash Investigation, Seconds from Disaster
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Jan Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner, Sabaton
Favourite Books
Erinnerungen eines Soldates, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Phantom of the Opera, Gulliver's Travels
Favourite Writers
Oscar Wilde (I think), Jonathan Swift
Favourite Games
Command and Conquer series, Medal of Honor series, Gothic series, The Movies, Commandos 2, Doom (2016)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, Aquarel Pencils, Photoshop
Other Interests
Model-maker, Tropes and Cliches Hunter, Philosopher (Kinda)
Well, another journal entry, another spontaneous idea. I got an inspiration for this entry after watching these videos on Youtube: So I watched these two videos, thought about Deviantart, and made a decision: Oh well, why not? Even if You are not familiar with Christian religion You are certainly familiar with Seven Deadly Sins. These are basically the vices that lead to a person deviating from God’s teachings. Though not mentioned directly in the Bible, like Sins against the Holy Ghost (AKA Etenal Sin) and Sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance (spilling the blood of the family, sodomy, oppression of the poor and defrauding/taking advantage of workers), they mentioned the major contributors in downfall of man. For those people who might have forgotten the seven deadly sins are Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Pride, Sloth. And even though I had to do some research, I actually found prime
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I suppose I can ask. At least in order to make... a kind of market research. As some of You may know, there is this... Book attempt I had written in 2007-2008. I later retold that story as a comic book in 2013 and a diary and left it be. Until 2018, when a friend of mine 'motivated' and inspired me to give it a try and write my story once again. This time, I took years of experience and certain conclusions to at least make this story readable. Since I admit, the first version was cringey to the point of being abysmal. There's no point of denying it. Thus, the Remake of my Magnum Opus - the main story 'Hrabia Wallenrod i Wyklęci', the sequel 'Wyklęci - Powrót' and spin-off 'Calixte' - was written. One that, according to some of my Polish Brethen, actually is readable and tells a story with some sort of message. And I assumed that would be the end of it. Again. Then some time ago a close relative of mine adviced me to translate this Remake from Polish to English. So, my question is
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Well, better late than never… For the recod, this isn’t my original idea. A Youtuber that goes by the name CrackedRack released a series of short personal ‘journal’ entries on his channel, in which he talked how certain websites suck and for what reasons. Most of his statements are based on his personal experience. Here, I will show You an example: Needless to say, his videos gave me an inspiration to create a similar journal entry about Deviantart. Though for months I couldn’t get myself to turn the inspiration into reality. Until recently, when… Well, let’s just say people on Facebook turned out to be much dumber than I thought (like I thought since You can’t use fake names or fake logins on Facebook people would be more careful with what they are saying on the platform. Turned out I was wrong). Anyway, I have been using Deviantart for at least a decade on a daily basis. And thus i was witness to many things both good and bad. And I
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Hi I know we've had our differences in the past but thanks for watching me.

That was a finger slip. I was simply trying to check something else. And I hit that button by accident.

I am working on something different, at the moment. And as You see I am no longer as active on DA as I used to.

Oh okay that's fine it happens

tanks for the fave

Thanks for the watch, but why did you choose to watch me?

Hey @AnAspieInPoland!

So I know this is weird.


Look,what I said to you a few hours ago was complete and utterly immature of me.

I shouldn't have acted like that,or insulted you the way I did. you were just speaking your mind.

So this is a formal apology.

I hope you can forgive me.