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Lovers of fantasy, wonderful worlds, celts, myths and legends (and Pokémon), welcome to my Deviantart!

You are in the realm of Amras Anárion, Elf, mage, pagan, craftman and passionate about medieval fantasy and RPG universes.

I am the creator, main artist, spriter & writer of the fangame Pokemon Sacred Phoenix, a project freshly started, but which I hope will become a glorious Pokemon game under the blessing of Ho-Oh.
With a modding experience on The Elder Scrolls (including the famous mod “Deus Mons - the Castle of Miraak” for Skyrim) and helped by a Wacom Cintiq, I embark on the adventure of an audacious and original 2D Pokémon game (ancient era, more advanced strategy in Pokemon battle), daring to innovate some things unchanged since 1st Gen.

Official Website of Pokemon Sacred Phoenix (under construction)

I also do crafts with old techniques and I write a high-fantasy book inspired by Tolkien's Legendarium and elven beauty.

Valaiya, the Ring of the Goddess Angélis

Favourite Visual Artist
Sandrine Gestin
Favourite Movies
The Lord of the Rings
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Howard Shore
Favourite Books
The Lord of the Rings
Favourite Writers
J.R.R. Tolkien
Favourite Games
The Elder Scrolls, Pokémon
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, the universal gaming platform
Entry 11 Half a year has passed since the last entry in this journal. The reason for this is that I’ve been throwing all my energies into tasks that are not tangible from the public’s point of view: the creation of databases and the coding of features planned since the birth of the project. As a result, there have been no public updates in all this time, and it was pointless to keep players waiting for the fangame, given that my roadmap made any new release impossible for a long time. Diversify our social networks And things happened! To avoid making a long text, I will make a list of all the new features: – Move database completed. – Progress on the Pokémon database, with almost 210 forms coded. Missing creatures will be coded as the need arises. – Fully functional Shadow and Light Pokémons. – New item database, including HD mugshot system – Integration of Sacred Mega Evolution (possible thanks to the new item database). – New database for wild encounters, with
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Entry 10 The last publication of my Developer Diary was followed by a long period of low activity, hence the more than 4 months that have elapsed. It has to be said that the loss of Deviantart’s audience caused by its change of policy didn’t do the overall motivation any good: the problem of having put all our eggs in one basket by letting 80% of our public visibility rest on a single site. I also took a break for a whole month, playing another game (Hogwarts Legacy, not to mention it) until I platinized it. This also played a role since I was less present in the project. But the phoenix always rises from its ashes and after these “fangame holidays”, we worked on our reconstruction from mid-March. Diversify our social networks It's official: Sacred Phoenix has diversified its communication channels and is now active on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. The first two sites are still baby dragons with only half a dozen entries, but Twitter is already hitting 200 views per Tweet
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Entry 9 Three months have passed since the last entry. This is due to a slowing down of the development, itself due to several factors. But like the waves of the ocean, the progress is made in pulses: little progress until mid-December, but then it’s back to work with a great progress on the coding! This will be the theme of this ninth journal! Pharaonic coding ambitions Around mid-September, I started a huge project: redoing the database of all Pokémon moves from scratch. This step was necessary if I wanted to implement new data (the native PSDK one didn’t allow me to do so). It was also the perfect opportunity to add all the attacks added by Sacred Phoenix, never coded except for a handful of Shadow-type. Before any coding, I had to establish the game design around the Pokémon attacks and ask myself all the right questions: – How to define an attack and in what format? – What are the possible categories, types, and side effects? – Since I’ve divided
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Thanks for the fav!

test de quoi ?

Pour voir s'il y a possiblité que je t'envoie des points :points: (la monnaie payante de Deviantart) pour que tu puisses te procurer pour moins 1 an de Core à -50% (la réduction n'est que sur le compte premium est offert depuis un autre compte.)

Hi! I love your pokemon art It's really cool!

i have a question mister laurendil: since this region will be settled in an ancient celt-like place, could be possible to include not fairy-type pokemon but actual faeries? you know, taking advantage of the ancient celt myths, maybe they are a semidivine third race created by arceus along the human and pokemon, she for example could be a trainer of fairy types:

Marie hallows1

like with the faeries, they could have a huge syncronicity with fairy, bug and grass types, but are unable of go along with steel, dark, dragon and poison types. a good explanation about why they're no more in the modern world is because they choose to move into another planet to care of the pokemon there.

thanks for the badge :D

i want to know your opinion: which one do you like the most? the first one, or the second one? the first one is the family of dianthos-selethos, the other is an alternative design for selethos:

032-033-dianthos Selethos By Temusupdated Dd242vs-