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Edit 2 // THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE! I've met my goal with these commissions now and the surprise bill can be now paid. :D

Edit // ONLY ONE MORE SPOT LEFT - and than I can pay my bill :D

Got a surprise bill so one has to do what one has to do. I will work on these FAST so be prepared to recieve yours within 48 hours or so. I will close commissions once I meet the amount I need.
Payment will be accepted only trough PAYPAL and will be requested after the sketch is done and approved.

ICONS - 500x500 px - 1 character/icon - available styles are semirealism, low-poly/blocky or cartoony - 15 USD / icon
GNG - Goldeye + video by AnarkistiNiili  Old Art - Griffin Icon by AnarkistiNiili 

COLORED SKETCH - 1 character/sketch - all in one style - 15 USD / sketch
Papa bear Bjorn by AnarkistiNiili Thomas Sharpe by AnarkistiNiili

FULLBODY - 1 character/art - available styles are semirealism, low-poly/blocky or cartoony - 50 USD / art
Commission - Rae by AnarkistiNiili Gerard Williams by AnarkistiNiili

To commissions me please send me a NOTE with following info (so I can start working on yours ASAP)

Commission type : icon, colored sketch or fullbody
Style wish : semirealism, low-poly/blocky or cartoony (not necessary for colored sketch)
Character info : Links to refs and possible info on the character itself if you feel like it
Specific wishes : Mood, pose, expression and so forth. Anything that comes to mind / OR artistic freedom

Thanks so much in advance and have a nice day!

AnarkistiNiili // S. Määttänen

P.s. Kittens are not born yet and baby mama is looking calm at the moment (:
P.p.s Below are examples of style difference. First is semirealism, the second low-poly/blocky and third is cartoony
Commission - Bewilder by AnarkistiNiili  Old Art - Black Wolf by AnarkistiNiili Commission - Audrey by AnarkistiNiili
Nereiix Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018   Digital Artist
Can I get a low-poly icon please ?
AnarkistiNiili Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018  Professional General Artist
Sure thing! Please send me a note with info! :heart:
Nereiix Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018   Digital Artist
Done ~
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