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So yeah. Basically I have to do double hours in work for three days so I may go and help my mother around since she has surgery 14th of this month (thursday). I have no idea if I will have extra time on my hands to do art but I'll try.

I just... love it how all stuff just appears spontaniously from nowhere :D 
Ja auki liittyjille!!
Only taking two types of these for now to get back in the drawing mood. I have a goal to reach so commissions will be closed when that goal is met and they wont open again for a good while because of busy irl.
If you have guestions do ask them here or via note! I won't bite :) (Smile)

On the list;
Soxx [FA] - Icon // Paid & Done
Hullusinaatio [dA] - Simple Fullbody // Paid & Done
Khasuri [dA] - Icon // Paid & Done
Alewandz [dA] - Simple Fullbody // Paid & Done
ChaviChews [dA] - Icon // Paid & Done
SubliminalPeacock [dA] - Icon // Paid & Done
▹ Evia [discord] - 2 x Simple Fullbody // 1 x Paid & Done
Deenath [dA] - 2 x Icon // Paid & Done
PrinceAIex - YCH // Paid & Done
▹ SecretAgent9 [dA] - Simple Fullbody
▹ Hautakumpu [dA] - Icon
▹ Halopromise [FA] - Icon & Simple Fullbody
▹ JustaWhiteFish [FA] - Simple Fullbody
▹ Ryan [FA] - Simple Fullbody
▹ ShikariBlood [FA] - Icon
▹ Reserved


▹ I will take payment only via PayPal and in USD.
▹ Do not commission me unless you have the money since I work fast.
▹ Payment will be done after the sketch is approved by the client.
▹ Commission will be finished after the payment registers trough on my PayPal.
▹ Client will recieve a full .png image of their work in 300dpi
▹ I have the right to publish the finished work on lower quality in my gallery and/or portfolio.
▹ I have a right to refuse any commission without a specific reason.

▹ I can draw anything from butterfly to dragons in feral.
▹ Anthro/Were commissions might take me more time to finish since I'm still practising
▹ I will not draw porn, fetish or any of that.
▹ Tasteful nudes can go either way since I'm not that familiar with drawing boobs, vaginas or dongs.
▹ Look up and note you have been warned if you decite to commission a tastefull nude.

▹ All extra characters are HALF of the original price
▹ Except in icons - those are limited to one character/icon to keep them clear

▹ To commission me please send me a note with all info regarding the commission
... Character reference
... Specific style or artistic freedom
... Type of commission (icon, fullbody, etc.)
... Your PayPal email (for the invoice later on)
... Anything else specific you might have in mind regarding the work

Icon commissions by AnarkistiNiili
▹ 500x500 px - 300dpi
▹ Will show only head of chosen character UNLESS specifically asked otherwise
▹ Can do both anthro/were and feral

Sketch Trade - Khalil by AnarkistiNiili  Sketch Trade - Veloce by AnarkistiNiili  Sketch Trade - Lumi by AnarkistiNiili
▹ Varying size but always 300dpi large file
▹ Sketchy look
▹ Simple background
▹ Simple shading
▹ Max of 4 characters/image (feral)
▹ Max of 2 characters/image (anthro/were)
Edit // As much as I'd love to choose evryone - I simply don't have time! You all have such lovely characters and designs ;__;

Going to have some time to take few of these now that my to-do list is mostly empty. What I'm looking for is one or two full trades; meaning that character + background and couple of sketch trades (colored sketches because those are relaxing). So go ahead, throw me yer characters and I will be picking up some fellows with most interesting designs to work on. I will not pick the ones to trade based on skill alone since the character that I'll be doing will be just as important!

After choosing ones to trade with I will inform via update in this journal! n__n
Edit 2 // THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE! I've met my goal with these commissions now and the surprise bill can be now paid. :D

Edit // ONLY ONE MORE SPOT LEFT - and than I can pay my bill :D

Got a surprise bill so one has to do what one has to do. I will work on these FAST so be prepared to recieve yours within 48 hours or so. I will close commissions once I meet the amount I need.
Payment will be accepted only trough PAYPAL and will be requested after the sketch is done and approved.

ICONS - 500x500 px - 1 character/icon - available styles are semirealism, low-poly/blocky or cartoony - 15 USD / icon
GNG - Goldeye + video by AnarkistiNiili  Old Art - Griffin Icon by AnarkistiNiili 

COLORED SKETCH - 1 character/sketch - all in one style - 15 USD / sketch
Papa bear Bjorn by AnarkistiNiili Thomas Sharpe by AnarkistiNiili

FULLBODY - 1 character/art - available styles are semirealism, low-poly/blocky or cartoony - 50 USD / art
Commission - Rae by AnarkistiNiili Gerard Williams by AnarkistiNiili

To commissions me please send me a NOTE with following info (so I can start working on yours ASAP)

Commission type : icon, colored sketch or fullbody
Style wish : semirealism, low-poly/blocky or cartoony (not necessary for colored sketch)
Character info : Links to refs and possible info on the character itself if you feel like it
Specific wishes : Mood, pose, expression and so forth. Anything that comes to mind / OR artistic freedom

Thanks so much in advance and have a nice day!

AnarkistiNiili // S. Määttänen

P.s. Kittens are not born yet and baby mama is looking calm at the moment (:
P.p.s Below are examples of style difference. First is semirealism, the second low-poly/blocky and third is cartoony
Commission - Bewilder by AnarkistiNiili  Old Art - Black Wolf by AnarkistiNiili Commission - Audrey by AnarkistiNiili
First things first; I'll be on a tiny hiatus for some days because my friends cat is giving birth soon (due date on Friday) and I promised to help deliver the litter since this is not the first litter of kittens I've helped into this world. She has never even seen a newborn kitten before so... Yeah. It will be a learning experience for her and I'm more than happy to teach :heart:


Art blocks. I've seen lately A LOT of journals and/or statuses telling that someone is strugling with an art block and has no idea how to get rid of it. As someone who has been actively drawing since 2004 and moved to digital art and 'more professional' style in 2008-2011 I have one thing that has helped me and I'd love to share it with you all now. I call it my little book of brainfarts. Basically it is a sketchbook I carry around with me always and doodle on it with ballpoint pen (never-ever using anything that could be erased since that would break the idea). My book is blank paged journal in size of A5 and the ballpoint pen I use is DRY meaning that adjusting the pressure will affect the amount of ink delivered which for me is the most perfect one.

Everytime I have a streak of inspiration going on (meaning I draw actively on computer and make full pictures and so on) I barely even touch the book of brainfarts. But when the time comes and I hit the wall and don't seem to get anything done I whip out the booklet and I doodle everything and I mean EVERYTHING that pops into my head no matter where I am (well - common sense usage is allowed but you get he point). I usually take around couple of minutes drawing some randomest crap ever. It might be a smiley I put on a characters face, it might be a random flower or just some practise on anatomy. It never really matters what it is - the point is that I draw the thing the minute I feel like doing so. On this period of time I do not even open a drawing program so that I won't try and force out art and eventually make the block even worse by doing so. No. Just relaxing doodling.

Day or two usually goes by before I get the inspiration to work on something 'proper'. I might get the inspiration from my doodles or somewhere else - it differs from time to time. At that point for me it's much easier to get back into drawing good art since I have not lost the 'touch'. Most of the time I notice that doodling has helped me even improve somethings and get a confidence boost out from it.

That's it. This has worked for me the best and I encourage you to give it a try if you are struggling with an art block. Of course I don't expect it to work with everyone but hey, it is worth the try!

I'd also love to hear from you guys. Have you ever had an art block? If so - do you have any tricks up your sleeve on how to break from it?

Anyhow, I hope you are all having a lovely spring!

AnarkistiNiili // S. Määttänen
This will become a regular thing soon...
I noticed that I'm watching two wonderfull artists WHO TOTALLY DESERVE MORE WATCHERS AND LOVE TO THEIR DIRECTION!! GO GIVE 'EM SOME!

:iconhappy-kolter: :iconhappy-kolter: :iconhappy-kolter:

Rose by happy-kolter  YCH - finished!! by happy-kolter contest entry by happy-kolter  landscape by happy-kolter

:iconglacialee: :iconglacialee: :iconglacialee:

Birdthorn | Commission by GlaciaLee  Ashblossom Headshot by GlaciaLee  Climb of chaos by GlaciaLee  Lone apparition by GlaciaLee
This is my 'stream' journal that I update whenever I stream!

Stream currently OFFLINE - Thanks for watching! - Come and join :la:

Some info;;

... no mic
... music (if you want to know a name of some song, just ask - also prepare for songskippings )
... English in chat
Out of curiosity I wonder what you think of the art process videos that I've posted (two of them thus far). Do you like them / don't like them? Do you wish to see them more in the future?
What about art streams? Would you like to see some streaming in the future? I've now hosted one short stream on this account but have the capasity to host them more often too.

Lasty about the free to use stuff I've made; so far they've been icons I do for warmups from series and such. Would you like to see them more in the future? Do you have any specific series or things you'd like to see me do for you? ( Still wont do OC requests since I've had more than one negative experience from some very ungratefull individuals </3 ) What else besides icons would you like to see? (:

:iconxxslow-burnxx: :iconxxslow-burnxx: :iconxxslow-burnxx: :iconxxslow-burnxx: :iconxxslow-burnxx:

Flower by XxSlow-BurnxX  Wildflower by XxSlow-BurnxX  rage by XxSlow-BurnxX  Wrath by XxSlow-BurnxX  Vixen by XxSlow-BurnxX

:iconcorvidvolk: :iconcorvidvolk: :iconcorvidvolk: :iconcorvidvolk: :iconcorvidvolk:

Mysterious doggo by CorvidVolk  Lexo pixel by CorvidVolk  Khono by CorvidVolk  This old grump by CorvidVolk  A Treasure by CorvidVolk
EDIT // Taking a break and eating something! :XD:

Or at least testing it. Come and see :)
Edit // ALL SLOTS TAKEN! Thanks so much for all of you wonderfull people who decited to commission me and help out a fellow artist that way! I will start working on the sketches tomorrow and next week. Untill further notice my commissions will remain closed.
And thanks to all new and old faces that were popping up on my feed and wathing my gallery. I got so many messages that it will take me some time to look trough them but I want you all to know that I DID see you and I am happy to see you :heart:

On an off-note. It's 3:30 AM where I am right now and I seriously need to go to sleep now so have a nice morning/day/evening/night you all :XD:

Hello everyone! I think this is the first time I'm opening commissions on this account and I am doing this to help out fellow artist whose situation I am way too familiar with right now (I reached out to them and asked and not the other way around just to clarify). So HERE WE GO!

I will be offering 5 commission slots - no more and no less simply so that I don't get buried under them and the commissioners get their work fast enough. Payment will be VIA PAYPAL only and this is so that I can easily transfer the funds to help out the one they are going to. Not saying a name unless they wish me to. Up to them :XD:

I can offer 500x500px icons - 15 USD / icon - 1 character limit/icon
GNG - Reima by AnarkistiNiili  Old Art - Griffin Icon by AnarkistiNiili

Portraits - 30 USD / +15 USD for extra character / max 3 characters/portrait
Old Art - Listening by AnarkistiNiili  Old Art - Fire Within by AnarkistiNiili

Fullbody art - 50 USD / + 25 USD for extra character / + 25 for background / max of five characters/art
Kings Wrath by AnarkistiNiili  Old Art - Black Wolf by AnarkistiNiili  Commission - Rae by AnarkistiNiili  Old Art - Twilight Dance by AnarkistiNiili


Thankyou and have a nice day!
AnarkistiNiili // S. Määttänen
I 'relaunched' an old account of mine for the sake of tryouts with some photomanipulation. I'm still a n00b compared to many people, but if you're interested you can check out my photomanipulation works in KuollutMaa :D

A little hiatus is going on with art at the moment because of busy busy real life. I'm still on medical leave due to surgery less than three weeks ago (that ends on wednesday so after that back to work), I have to get my ragdoll cat ready for her next show in this month, I got engaged couple of days ago and I have been working with a group of people in an rpg project. After the project is finished, you get to see some graphics stuff I've been doing and maybe some sketchdump/s also.

So on the time of this hiatus you can contact me here in dA via note or in discord Hox#0821 !
Edit 1 // Owners of Hiisihounds - You are free to keep and use your designs and other people are free to make their own from now on. The species was never ment to be kept behind locks - I made them for you. No need for permissions or anything.

Hello and welcome to my little corner in the world of deviantART and to an account of mine that holds now more importance to me than anything else on the webs. You could say that me making this account and journal means that I've become a full circle in my internet identity or so. Allow me to explain this as well as I can;

My official round of accounts and/or nicks has been thus far as follows;
Niili -> Phandomido -> Ronobe -> Karmariimu/CountRonobe/HarmaaHalla -> AnarkistiNiili
On these accounts I had some doubles, since I held a photographic resource account at some point and at one time I had an account for my now-very-much-gone RPG too when groups weren't a thing yet. But officially, this is the route that many of my friends online know.

NOW. Here's the twist. I've also had some other accounts on my many years online and that list goes as follows;
SpookyBoogeyman / AlchemyAntimony / Apocalyptian / Hoxticks / AncientSerafins (on FurAffinity)

These extra account and even the old accounts have for years been an escape route from reality to me and it's time for me to get that off my shoulders. For myself's sake and for others too. I've strugled with depression and other issues for years and years now and it has created this circle of account hopping where I start an account, pretend to be someone I'm really not, make tons of art - many to other people and when someone gets close to figuring out who I really am, I panic and lie. I often repeat the same mistake of promising and making a ton of art to others because I genuenly like making people happy with my works and more often than not I end up promising too much. I get frustrated, anxious when I'm not able to deliver and than I panic and leave the account for good amounds of time and then in silence just deactivate them - leaving people to wonder what happened.

I know this is wrong and for that I am sorry.

Now this is not me justifying my actions and preparing for callouts if people regognice my old pictures and think they're not mine. This is me explaining my actions. And it is part of my healing process when I finally come to terms with who I am and all the things I've done wrong. It has been my defence mechanism and now in my therapy we've been working trough this and finally I am making progress. For the first time in years things are actually starting to look a little brighter and I felt like this 'coming out of the closet' is a right thing for me to do.

For those whom I've wronged and for those who never recieved their promiced art and pictures - I apologize for. Feel free to contact me via note in any of these cases and we will work it trough - okay? I hope that you can forgive me for these actions.

Too Many Names To Count / S. Määttänen