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MYO - Nox Arcana by AnarkistiNiili MYO - Nox Arcana by AnarkistiNiili
From Hoxticks account. My MYO Shogali boy.

Nox Arcana - The ancient ruin dweller

 | Mainly Betta splender and Gubby fish but also some ideas from all over the aquatic world.
Traits | Rarity 20 | Long whiskers originating from snout. Fins on boths sides and one big fin on short tail.

Name | Nox Arcana
Species | Shogali
Gender | Male

Height - Weight | Around 170 cm tall but very light in weight in order to swim well.

Build | Light, long and narrow.  Overall lanky appearance. Strong features, back arches down notably. Flexible spine sideways.
Color | Dark gray, almost black basecolor. Green stripes on both sides of body, identical. Whiskers are lighter from the tip.
Other | Eyes, pads, inner ears and mouth are all green colored and bioluminent. And so are the stripes.

Personality | Nox is a loner. He keeps to himself mostly and focuses on maintaining the ruins he sees as his home and work. He is grumpy towards strangers and doesn't communicate much. There are possibilities to make contact to him though.

Enviroment | He lives deep within ancient ruins that are located in complex cave and are partly submerged. He spends most his time in dark and even more so in water, given his narrow body and big fins that help him swim as good as any other aquatic creature. His bioluminent traits help him see in the dark as he is almost blind in daylight.

Shogali are a closed species by MaraMastrullo 
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