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Simple Black Icons

By Anarkhy
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163 black icons v.1
© 2006 - 2020 Anarkhy
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شكرا شكرا

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okk, i won't forget))) it's just what i searched!
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Really neat icons :)

Btw what font did you use for the TXT, PDF and MP3?
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Very nice work.
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Mind if I make a iPod Touch Theme with the Icons?
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Great ! Thank you :)
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great set, using atm!
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i like some of the icons.. special ideas for special icons ;) i would be lucky if you allow me to use them in my community/cms software?
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Sure, you can use where you want.
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very nice work, thanks
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But my desktop background is black too! :/
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Can we expect png's in the future?
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Never thought about finding this kind of icons, very different from the rest, I like them.
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Excellent black icons! :D

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estos estan CHINGONES!! gracias
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Para mim, estes icones são excelentes, pois como não vejo as cores, fiz 'download' e os coloquei no meu pc como 'default'.

Espero que lançes mais icones deste tipo.
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Wow.. AWESOME!!!!
I love this icons..
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I love these. Simple, yet straight to the point of sexyness.
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holy crap. awesome icons, really nice :D
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very nice, you get a watch cause i see good things comming from you in da future.
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it's slick, love it :)
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