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Quasimodo color palette

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Obviously this isn't the same design he has in the movie, granted he's meant to be older here but anyways. This is him in my style :)

character bio:
Name: Quasimodo Ringer
age: 25
height: 5'7"
eyes: blue
skin: fair with red undertones
hair: Red
country of origin: France
hobbies: Woodworking, bellringing, repairing broken things

You all know Quasi's backstory. After the movie, Quasi remains in his tower, despite what seemed like an integration into society, he found that what he thought was acceptance was mere tolerance which did not last long. Before long he was pushed back to his tower and re-emerging brought taunts. So he remained. He was lonely though Esmeralda and Phoebus visited often, it still wasn't quite enough. He found himself venturing into the main church often, his friendship with the Archdeacon had cemented and he was pleased with just that bit of freedom. That is until he rescues Ines from an attacker. He's astonished by her acceptance of him, even playing drinking games with him and joking back and forth with him. It was companionship like he'd never experienced and he fell hard and fast. 

Thats all I'll say for now! He has two children, Aster and Rosemary

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update: Fixed his leg
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wow! thats an awesome artwork of Quasi! Awesome job!
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thank you so much!! :D

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your very welcome!