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Another work from my a bit weird series.

I've made this one for the PHOTOMANIPULATE COMPETITION held by :iconart-collaborations: It's a freestyle contest so Ive decided to make something similar to my 5 o'clock manipulation.

Stock I used:

Model: [link]
Model's outfit: dress [link] accessories [link] cage [link] frog [link]
Model's hairstyle: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

Background: [link] [link]
Textures: [link] [link] [link]

Other works from the series:

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Another winner & I truly can find very little about which to be critical. I want to know the story: WHY is she carrying a frog in a bird cage? Where is she taking it?

Your extractions are excellent, The composition is good - rather difficult when the mass of your figure is unbalanced by the cage on her left, but because she's bending to her right, her central placing in the archway works.

Your construction of the dress is superb - never have so few feathers covered so much! Your blending of textures with the background & the colouring of the piece is seamless. The figure is strongly backlit & her shadow on the floor is consistent with this. However, the shadows of her face on her neck & her skirt on her legs are not. They're well done, but I'm not sure that they're consistent with backlighting.

In the original of the arch there is strong light from the right, & this is still evident in the highlights low down on the decorative supports. The model is not placed far enough forward for her to have this light from the right fall on her, yet the highlights on her (cheeks & arms in particular) imply a frontal light source. If this were the case, the walls & most of arch would not be in light shadow, as they are.

This is already a wonderful piece with its touch of surreal whimsey, & I think a more careful consideration of the lighting sources would have made it a great one. As it is, I really love it.
Hope this is helpful.
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Thank you again for the feedback.
The lighting is indeed my weak point. Next time I'll try to be more carefull and attantive about it. As I'm planning to make at least two more similar works.
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As you may have realised, I like doing critiques, & lighting is nearly always my main criticism, in what are otherwise good works. The most common mistake is having quite strong back-lighting, yet the front of the model is also lit. Many artists do dark, stormy nights with a full moon in the background, then the front of the model has NO shadows & lots of highlights, with no apparent source. Because I pay such close attention to this, such things jump out at me, & the scenes just don't look real enough. If you consider where you want your light sources to be at the start, it becomes second nature.

Your work is lovely & I'm really looking forward to seeing the next ones.
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that is so cute! thank you for using my stock for this! :heart:
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Glad that u like it :D
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You've been featured here [link]
and here [link]

Also just to let you know, you will be featured in next weeks journal too for the final competition feature before the winners are announced.
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Ok, thanks for the feature :-)
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You've been featured here [link]
and here [link] :)
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beautiful ...very beautiful..:love:
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wonderful work dear :love:
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Beautiful work!:hug:
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You are welcome!:hug:
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Nice work on the blending and love the models expression
:hug: jeep
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Thanks :D I took me quite a lot of time to get this effect
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