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Thoughts of Jason Todd :iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 0 0
Mandrake plushie by Anariel-Erestor Mandrake plushie :iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 2 0 The Passage of Time by Anariel-Erestor The Passage of Time :iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 2 3
Knife's Edge
Knife's Edge
At this time my life is uncertain
I grasp and straws, making plans
Any small ounce of certainty I gain
Turns to smoke and slips through my hands
I don't know who I can turn to
Who can I trust during this hour?
Who will help me in this moment
When I feel I have lost all my power?
Will anyone catch me?
Will anyone break my fall?
Even though I'm offered so much reassurance
Will anyone be there at all?
:iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 2 2
Geometric Collar by Anariel-Erestor Geometric Collar :iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 3 5
"So perfect" came the soft purr from his Vulcan lover as hot lips descended on his earlobe.
Perfect…? Kirk mouthed the word soundlessly, slightly shocked by the adoration he could feel emanating from Spock.  Soft kisses traveled lovingly to his mouth, tips of their tongues caressing gently.
"I must…taste you" said a breathy whisper against his lips as he opened himself to accept the thrust of Spock's tongue against his. The kiss gained in strength and desperation, bodies growing hotter under the onslaught, somewhere in the whirl of emotions and sensations, Kirk moaned softly, accepting his lover's need, giving in to his own. The kiss slowed to reverent soft pecks against his lips and cheek.
"Taluhk nash-veh k'dular, ashayam."
"I love you, too Spock." His whisper of devotion joined the one spoken in an ancient tongue.
Their lips drew closer to further confirm their devotion, so close, hot sweet breath brushing over his own, lips caressing softly …
:iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 5 18
Thrashing the in the pull of emotion
Some of it others, some is my own
I am pushed and pulled and manhandled
By the strength of the undertow
There is no higher ground
There seems to be no escape
I keep wondering what I have done
To have received this fate
When will my life be mine?
When will I be free
When will I have a chance
To have loving arms hold me
I try to stay above water
I tread with all my might
I am losing the energy
To continue with this fight
I know I need help
I fear to ask will make me weak
I continue with my existence
There is no comfort even in sleep
I have reached out to many
Few have reached back for me
Am I so worthless to them
That they will let me drown in this sea?
:iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 1 4
Perfect Friend
Does anyone know the my pain
Can anyone hear me cry at night?
Does anyone care how much it hurts
Feeling like I never do anything right?
I try to be there for my friends
To be supportive, to love help and care
But when they leave me they never know
The pain is agony to bear.
What happened and when?
What did I say that hurt them so
That they didn't even tell me
But they turned their backs on me to go
I wish I could be perfect
And be my best for them
What I wouldn't give in all this world
To be a perfect friend.
:iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 1 4
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where have you gone to
What have I done to drive you away?
Was there something I said that hurt so badly
That I suffer in silence without you?
I had hoped we would support one another
Through our pains, through our joys
The little triumphs that make life worth living
My friend and brother in Suffering, we could strengthen each other
Where are you? How do you feel in this silent pause?
What have I done to cause you pain?
Have I hurt you in some way that you left?
Why is there silence between us, and a feeling that I am the cause?
Please be patient with me, I know I can be tiresome
But wasn't there a time that you felt this way too?
When you wondered where your friends were
And felt that all hope was lost?
Do not abandon me, for I would never abandon you.
:iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 1 5
Can you see me?
Can you see me?
Can you look through all the walls I've put up?
In place of shields that are stronger, healthier
Can you see me?
Can you see my heart, can you see my mind
What do you think of me, I can't read you
Can you see me?
Do you see me?
Am I invisible to you, I never know
Have I scared you away; is it too late?
Do you see me?
Can you see me?
Do you want to?
:iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 2 2
Sasukekitty's Captain's Chair by Anariel-Erestor Sasukekitty's Captain's Chair :iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 6 6
Mature content
The Ceiling does not Answer :iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 2 10
Mature content
If Walls Had Ears.... :iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 0 7
Open Personal Log
Personal Log: Entry 7-301
Perhaps it is living among Humans so long that has caused my lack of emotional stability. I find myself reacting upon my emotions more with each passing Standard Solar day. My Human half is betraying me slowly. Thus far no one has noticed.
Thus far…he has not noticed.
What information I have gathered from my future counterpart about the timeline that would have been, without the interference of Nero, James Kirk would have been my closest friend. This he tells me willingly, urging me to give James the benefit of a doubt. Thus far, my Captain has exceeded my expectations as a tactician in battle as well as in chess, calm in the face of any emergency, and gifted with an illogical but vastly effective intuitive sense. I was surprised to find him well versed in the older works of literature of his world particularly those of Milton and Shakespeare. I am also surprised to find he can also understand and speak a small measur
:iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 3 2
Open Personal Log
Personal Log: Entry 2-286
I have been thinking about this for a long time.
The events of the past 27 years or so have changed everything that I found would have been except for one.
When I was marooned on Delta Vega, I had met a man who had called himself Spock, a name I know to belong to a man I assume is my age maybe slightly older, also a Vulcan like the man who found me and saved my life. In his desperation to help me and stop Nero, he used a Vulcan telepathy technique called "mind-melding" to show me what he had endured because of Nero. I did see all the information he wanted me to see, but I also felt his emotions. I didn't tell him, knowing the sorrow he felt blaming himself for the deaths of thousands of people.
These deaths were not his fault. I wanted to tell him that so badly.
I know now this man was…is Spock, or Spock as he would have been had Nero not traveled to the past to destroy his imagined enemy. His real enemy was a supe
:iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 2 8
Mirror Patch Tutorial by Anariel-Erestor Mirror Patch Tutorial :iconanariel-erestor:Anariel-Erestor 5 2


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New story uploaded. Finally.
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Skin of choice: My own.
Favourite cartoon character: Invader Zim, Stewie, Frylock and Meatwad, and all the boys of Metalocalypse.
Personal Quote: I will not practice a religion that states I am less of a person because I was born without a dick



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