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Twi'lek Jedi Historian

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Twi'lek Jedi Historian - completed October 2011

More pics & details on my costume website - [link]
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Is she a survivor of Order 66?
shiny-kiyoko's avatar
wow thats amazing ^^ great amazing pic
PGwainbenn's avatar
I love your customes, they are just so beautiful! You are a great customer and the feature in the magazines was well deserved!
FleetwoodBlack's avatar
Love the yellow lightsabers.
christine426's avatar
gorgeous!! do you mind if I ask how you did your headpiece?
forceboys's avatar
Hi I would love to feature you on my Star wars fan page force_boys on instagram
tahSilvah's avatar
Excellent costume work, digging the flow of the robe in the spin.
SweetLittleAki's avatar
Very Nice! Very natural looking! I like the Shoto as well as the full lightsaber. 
HiddenPalm's avatar
This is really cool, and it was the perfect shot. A very realistic martial posture unlike many of the impractical martial stances and postures SW cosplay models take for their pictures. My only critique is that the point of the saber should be facing in the direction of where your eyes lead the force, unless you want to add an effect like you just slashed with the anterior lightsaber. Other than that, this is a top notch job right here. The look in the eyes is very real, very martial, very Jedi. One of my favorites already.

Is it safe to assume this is a SWTOR era Jedi? I want to add this to an article I'm writing on SWTOR Cosplay.
Ravenkeeper's avatar
very nice work ^^d excellent costume
Tlana-Isimi's avatar
The Costume looks great and gives the picture a wonderful dynamic.
Susana--chan's avatar
Very amazinG!!! how do you make the lekus? i want to do a ayla secura cosplay or darth talon :P
KerroAsklepius's avatar
tropicana-banana's avatar
Absolutely beautiful and flawless! Love the materials you used for the robes and the headdress is awesome! Great choice of scenery too :)
theladyems's avatar
Ohgosh, this is great! Self-made lekku? Because I've been looking at Pam's Twi'lek lekku tutorials, and holy buckets, XD. Casting and molding. (You probably already answered that question, though, now that I look at the date of the image.)

Also great headdress. Straps can be a real pain.

Hope to cross sabers with you some day, as I'm more on the dark side of costuming. (Purely figuratively, of course, in relation to the sabers.)
AnariaZar-Rel's avatar
Thanks :) My lekku were made by Pam (I've seen what goes into latex appliances, and I'm in awe of people with the skills to make them). I do make it to the US for conventions, I always enjoy meeting other SW costumers :)
Endeavor4ever's avatar
in your comment you said your lekku were made by Pam. I was wondering how much she charged, if you don't mind answering:)
AnariaZar-Rel's avatar
I bought them back in 2008, so her prices may have changed - she does give options - base price, clean up, filling etc, better to contact her via her website :) 
theladyems's avatar
Gosh, I know. Those molds must take a bunch of work. I really am appreciative of the flesh tone. I wasn't sure I'd like how it looked in practice, but it looks great here.

:D You do make it to the US? Might bump into you sometime then. Just depends on making it to a relatively high-profile one. (IE: one worth taking that kind of flight for. Been there, slept through that.)
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