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Busch Gardens' Sunset by AnaReincarnation Busch Gardens' Sunset :iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 11 6
The Service
It must be terrible, to press the button to incinerate your own mother.
Will she be happy now? I mean, she had not been in the right of mind for the past decade or so.  After that car crash, her brain had never been the same.  The doctors had told us about the hole in her brain.  My aunt told me that that might have very well been what induced her Alzheimer's.  I couldn't really believe it, not being able to see it; but I had seen the effects everyday.
She didn't live with us anymore; everyone else moved out when we put her in that nursing home.  She didn't really have control of her hands, face, lips.  Her body knew when it was time to eat, but she didn't really have a say in anything anymore. My father felt like the bad son because he never visited her in that home.  Us children complained about the smell and the old people, when we were taken to see her, but he would not see her any other way.  
:iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 2 14
Mature content
My Sweet Larkin :iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 1 2
I Used To by AnaReincarnation
Mature content
I Used To :iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 2 27
New Year's Resolution
I resolve.
You ask me to choose a goal and I have chosen to stay the same.
I will be the exact same person day after day, never changing.
The dawn will rise, and, on the order, I will rise for the day.
My parents will crush me under their unforgiving words.
Friends will part upon the commencing of new waves.
The scissors will beckon to draw life-giving blood.
Pill bottles will rest in the cupboard to be taken.
Night will consume the ever retreating sanity.
Harsh floors will still be there to lie upon.
Sleep will elude me in an unknown bed.
Words will creep in darkness to me.
Death beckons to a lonely child.
Sweet promises never kept.
Guess what I know
Never again.
Each dawn brings a new day.
Parents' fears are relived for now.
A small hand to reach out to new friends.
Societies only have power that they are given.
To break out circle is to overcome a certain fate.
Willpower can conquer any urge to starve to death.
Maybe once, and then again, until it leave at last.
And medicines can ea
:iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 0 19
The Star of Orion
"I... left you alone tonight.  I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to.
You were getting your bike while I looked up to the sky.
The stars were out tonight. I know it's terribly cliché.
But they were! And they were truly…
Three were hanging on the horizon in a straight line,
Four more surrounded them in a formation I knew.
A moment passed before I remembered from where.
It was the constellation of Orion the Hunter in all his glory.
I knew his story from my ventures into Greek mythology
He never appeared at the same time with Scorpio
But was always accompanied by his faithful dog, Sirius
He became a lover to Eos after chasing the girl Merope
And, because of Apollo, was killed by his sister, Diana
Who, after her wrong, placed him in the night sky
To tell the world forevermore the story of Orion
But that is not who I saw when looking at those stars
Orion is
your middle name, or so you've told me.
I remember that when you had told me and I found out,
:iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 1 1
Anticipation and Patience
"This is so odd."
"Do you know what . . ."
     "No, not really."
In the dank basement, we examined the victim before us.  It had been long dead, now white as a sheet.  It had been chosen specifically for this task, shipped to us by the only dealer down the road who sold them.  We held our sharpened tools in our hands, ready to mar the unfortunate object.  I looked to her, exasperated.
     "Do you know what we're working on?"
She hesitated.  ". . .  A . . . dr—drabble, I think. . . or something . . ."
I sighed, guessing this was going to take longer than I had hoped.
:iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 1 31
Preview Descs by AnaReincarnation Preview Descs :iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 0 5
Another Lesson
People manage to learn their life lessons differently.  A lot of them come right when you don't want them, forcing you to make decisions about things to change your life forever.  Others sneak up behind that so you don't realize until a few years later.  I remember one lesson I learned, but it came to me on during a normal night.  However, the strength of it still manages to amaze me.
It was karaoke, Ixtapa Lounge on the 5th floor.  The place was the Navigator of the Seas, one of the Royal Caribbean International cruise ships.  I had been dying to go, dying ever since the first day I saw the Ixtapa on the ship itinerary of that week when we got on the ship.  Ironic; out of all of the things I could have been doing on the ship that night, I chose to sing.  When we walked in the lounge, I looked for a moment around before rushing to pick up one of the books from which you chose your song to sing and taking in
:iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 2 7
The Call of the Moon, Pt. V
The ever-expected third night has arrived.  The tide clearly in favour of the ferals this night.  Humans scattered among ruins of the courtyard of the castle warily face a new wave of ferals, all poised to strike at the swift command of a leader The walls have stood.  After three days, remnants of the city's defense walls are still erect, ferals still pouring from behind and around the walls.  The stones are heated by failed attempts of fire by human alchemists.
Rain points his finger on a map or the grounds spread on a low stone wall that at one time formed part of a rather stunning garden.  A cadre of ragged captains and elites nod grimly.  Rain turns back to the battle-scarred courtyard as the captains return to their respective squads.  He looks to the top of the main tower.
"You are tired tonight."  Selenephim appears to Rain a last time.  She is dressed differently this evening in silver gar
:iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 1 16
The Call of the Moon, Pt. IV
"One more day.  It is just… one more day."  The voice whispers behind the cloaked alchemist as he surveys the remnants of the battle before him.  If he turns, he would see that the lunar persona tonight is adorned by wraps the shifting colour of stars.  The edges are lined with dry blood, but her face is still as serene and guarded as ever.  "We stand our ground, do we not."
"Ground that crumbles beneath your feet.  Or paws, as it would be," He doesn't bother taking his eyes from the abandoned cityscape.  Now, though, nothing remains but foundations and bodies.
Echoing in the background of the city, another battle rages, explosions lighting up the sky occasionally, but not touching the light from the… young woman?  behind him.
She chuckles in the night.  "You do realize that we are still here.  On ground that you had said would fall."  She walks to his side, gesturing with her
:iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 2 0
The Call of the Moon, Pt. III
He walks down a barren street.  Cold, lifeless buildings tower on either side, casting shadows from the afternoon sun that completely cover the street.  He smiles at the silence.  Smoke rises lazily from craters and bullet holes in various areas.  Everything seems grey, coated in a fine ash.  He smiles even wider as he remembers just minutes ago...  All the chaos that had filled this street.  Massive ferals of unprecedented size and ferocity had been ripping holes in ragged lines of defense held by the remnants of the 4th, guns and grenades blazing and burning the cityscape and ferals alike.  This could have gone on for hours, days.  And accomplished nothing.
For every feral taken down, it seemed two more, and each twice as big, leapt from the shadows to tear apart five humans.  Fate would pour forces into EchoStill, to no avail.  He was placed here for a purpose, and he had ju
:iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 2 1
The Call of the Moon, Pt. II
A knock.  And then the familiar voice, "Good evening, Alchemist."  She breezes in through the door, feet not quite touching.  A small smile adorns her face.  "Tell me about your day."  She bows, however, somehow looking behind him.  "Or Fate.  You may choose to speak to me, if you wish."
He looks up from a map of the city sprawled before him on the only table in the room.  "A choice?"  He laughs quietly.  After a brief silence, he continues, "Well, it seems your, um, 'children', for lack of better words, are more adept fighters than she anticipated."  He looks at her eyes, trying to read any emotion.  After a moment, he continues, "In two days, another four Nocturnes and a company of soldiers will arrive to 'assist' in the 'solution'."
A serious yet playful glint shows in her eyes.  "My... children... have been on guard since they have been young. 
:iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 2 0
The Call of the Moon
The door creaks.  Through it walks a petite girl.  Dressed in the silver cloth of the moon, she still manages to look childish as hair falls in front of her face and she dismisses it with a puff of her cheeks.  Lithe fingers reach around the edge of the door as she pokes her head into the room.  "Anyone here?"
He glances away from the window, only long enough to offer a grunt of acknowledgement, then resumes staring out into the night.
"You know," he begins softly, "Once a month, you're the most powerful person on earth.  Do you know why?"
She shakes her head softly.  The words that emit are barely louder than a whisper, meant only for those who want to listen.  "No, I don't."  Eyes shine in the darkness.  "Tell me why."
He glances at her again, longer this time, seemingly seeing her for the first time.  He nods his head to the window.  "Out there, there are creatures th
:iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 2 0
Portside by AnaReincarnation Portside :iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 2 7
Love, A Definition
One night I was reading in my dictionary. I wasn't looking for anything specific; just something to past the time. I came across this one word, however, and was intruiged by the definition. This is what it read:
love (lǔv) ‣ n. 1. Deep affection and warm feeling or another. 2. The emotion of sex and romance; strong sexual desire for another person. 3. A beloved person. 4. A strong fondness or enthusiasm. 5 Sports A zero score in tennis. ‣ v. loved, lov•ing 1. To feel love (for). 2. To like or desire enthusiastically. — idiom: in love</b> Feeling love; enamoured. [< OE lufu.] —lov'a•ble, love'a•able adjlove'less adj.
I thought to myself. That isn't true.  It just misses so much. Let me break it up and I'll explain what I mean.
1. Deep affection and warm feeling for another.
Deep affection. Warm
:iconanareincarnation:AnaReincarnation 7 11

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::Stamp: Tummy Rubs are love:: by Blue-Sonikku ::Stamp: Tummy Rubs are love:: :iconblue-sonikku:Blue-Sonikku 92 57
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The Bolt Award
This year marks the introduction of something new. An award, or more accurately a recognition of achievement that goes above and beyond the normal call of duty.
This will be given out a mere once per year, every August 7th on the Birthday of the site.
What are the criteria for this award?
For contributions to the site that have had a massive impact on it and have caused things to change that affect every single one of us whether we know it or not.
Why then is it called "The Bolt"?
This is in honor of its first recipient, someone who goes very unnoticed and quietly has kept the backbone of this beast firmly in place during all sorts of hell and high water.
This individual would be none other than the coding tour de force known as $Chris Bolt who has been writing code for us since before day one.
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Testing Thing
yadda yadda
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Loyalty and/or Betrayal Poetry Contest
This contest will be for the winning prize of a Wishlist Print from the winner's wishlist that he or she so chooses. This contest will be for everyone, no clubs are affiliated with this contest.
The theme of this contest will be:
Loyalty and/or Betrayal
This means you can only include one of these ideas or both. Loyalty can apply to countless situations, romance, duty, servitude, etc. Betrayal, the antonym, would not exist without loyalty. I hope to see some very interesting poems.
- Poem must include a minimum of 20 lines.
Size of poem will be considered, as how well you can continue your ideas in a strong and flowing manner for a longer poem. This does not mean a 20 line poem cannot beat out a 40 line poem.
- Any format will be allowed.
Be creative. Make it rhyme, make it flow, add rhythm, have metre, enjamb, or just have it all free verse.
- Does not have to be a brand new poem. I will allow old poems.
This is a first. Old poe
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As web services evolve, users tend to require the ability to customize the web pages that they see, as if they were applications themselves. We have, therefore, arrived at a time where once famous web sites have grown to become so-called web applications, where they don't only serve the purpose of online documents, but allow users to modify them according to their needs.
Especially in a website related to art, this is more true, as users tend to have very specific tastes and likes; not only that, but when it also involves a large community, this tends to be an absolute requirement, since it is the only way to allow people to explore a wider range of art and artists. Hence, deviantART could not exist without such as feature.
This user guide aims at explaining how to use the Customizable Frontpage of deviantART, which can range from a very simple customization to a very complex one, if one decides to use the e
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New Subscriber Feature! Advanced Activity Pages!
As some of you who are part of the beta testing program may have seen, there is a new look to the Activity page. And for those of you who haven't seen it, the way it looks is pretty nice.
It allows you to see a lot more of your favorite deviants activity. Such as;
Journal Comments
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And recent favorites with thumbnails )
Non subscribers will still be able to see forum and user comments as per usual.
This is going to be available as part of the subscription package so if you wish to see all the groovy things that your fellow deviants are doing, now may be the time to check out a subscription! And for all you subscribers, this is the first of many nice li
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Gift-Giving Contest!
The expected theme of this of course will be:
Gift Giving (or Receiving)
I do not wish to offend anyone by using any religious days, but will accept poems that include them. So the basic theme has to be about either giving gifts or receiving gifts. Everyone knows it feels wonderful to receive a gift, even the most unexpected ones. Your piece does not need to include any of the holidays that are approaching, it just needs to be about giving or receiving.
I am breaking this contest down into two. There will be a Poetry contest and a Prose contest.
Poetry Rules:
There are no parameters to writing your poem, other than the required theme. It can be many lines, write an epic if you wish, or it can be few lines, some say less is more. Have it rhyme or enjamb it all. One stanza or numerous stanzas. Songs/lyrics count too. It is all completely up to you.
Prose Rules:
This one has a bit of a requirement. I expect no less than 100 words. Wow, that's not much at all. Just mak
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The Return of Separated at Birth!
Separated at Birth hmmm... I wonder?
Sometimes images speak louder than words ;)


praha-marionety01 by Monocolour-photos Left, Unsaid by Monocolour-photos
a whippet's pose by futurowoman :thumb34694478:
IMotherI by turquoise  :thumb33980365:
Tunnel by Loucos optical illusion by weedbag
previous editions:
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New Submission Process...LIVE!
New Submission LIVE!

That right there, is a nice simple screenshot of the nice simple all new simple as pie smooth sweet silky goodness known as the all new revamped submission process that was spoken about here yesterday!
And within minutes, NAY, seconds of its launch, we had the first submission to utilize it from Dubtiger and the first deviant to check out the new resizing feature was Jaszczurka! Enjoy your 3 month subscriptions for making your mark in this bit of DA history!
And now, rather than keep you stuck here reading this news article, I will keep it short and sweet, like the new submission process itself ( sorry I couldn't resist saying it one more time ;) ) and let you guys go out and Submit some art!
Enjoy! And also, a big round of applause to randomduck and mudimba for all their hard work on this! And give yourselves a hand f
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United States
Current Residence: In a land created by a god and kept alive through the spirit of a dead one. ~Hoshi
Favourite genre of music: Anime/J-pop, Classical/Instrumental, Soundtrack/Musical
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Deviation Title: The Once a Night Year
Category: :deviation: > Literature > Prose > Fiction > Humor
Artist Comments:  Challenge Words: big bang, reproduction, wood frog, orgy, 1 night/year
IB Physics Challenge:
Use Not: hot, cold, centrifugal, Legos, decelerate, slow down, speed up
Use Correctly: warm, cool, over, cancel, mass v. weight, revolve v. rotate

:rofl: Don't look at me! The challenge words were on the margin of a letter sent by a friend who is in camp right now. I wonder how his story will differ from mine... ? ;)

This is a little.... parody-spoof thing to start off July in the summer.  Happy summer, everyone. :heart:


The curtain rises...

A long, long time ago... when the universe had just begun... It started out as a spark, even smaller as the littlest quark. But all of the mass in the universe cannot stay in such a small volume for any time without increasing temperature. So the temperature rose... and rose... to unbearable heights. The numbers soared past any obtainable concept on the Kelvin scale. Mass expanded and decreased temperature in a colossal big bang.  Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit and Anders Celsius never knew what hit them. But did it stop there?

Of course not. The matter condensed and formed into little pockets of matter, the temperatures lowering to life form level. The little pockets of matter, called pezzies, were able to reproduce. Their offspring and their offsprings' offspring mated until a billion sporglodites emerged littered the surface of a new terrestrial planet. Earth, they called it. The planet was abundant with earth, water, and minerals; perfect living conditions for the amphibious sporglodites.

You wouldn't know it, but sporglodites were actually the long-lost ancestors of the modern wood frog. Their mating habits have changed over the years, however. Today, there are mating seasons for each annual batch of wood frogs. Each male today can produce sounds from the depths of his soul, searching for a mate to bear little pezzies.

It wasn't like that a long, long time ago.  There was an orgy.  Yes, an orgy.  The times were rough, so each sporglodite had no idea how long he or she was going to live.  So all sporglodites came to celebrate another year lived by rutting in the swamps all over the world, hidden under swampy trees.  For one night each year, the primitive, guttural sounds of sporglodites in the throes of orgasmic pleasure would echo over the land.

But that was a long time ago.  Things have changed since then.  The times have calmed down animalistic instincts, bans placed on sporglodites gatherings more than ten in number.  Without their one night of bacchanalian revelry, all of the sporglodites died, closing the curtain... on another stage of evolution.


The Once a Year Orgy (c) 2007 AnaReincarnation

Edit: I got a call from him today.  Apparently, there are wood frogs that gather in these places one night per year and have orgy sex to keep the population fulfilled.  The females and males mate so females can place their eggs in the center of the orgy, where there is more heat.  As more and more females become impregnated, they have to lay their eggs farther and farther from the center, for which their eggs have a decreased chance of living, being farther away from the safer and higher temperature center.  So much for getting laid first... :XD:!
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