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The Lie by Ktoya The Lie :iconktoya:Ktoya 30 16
Lovely Senses in Action
Do you feel the colors?
You should.
Are you numb to the sensations of the suns?
Bound and in binds to the bends and boroughs,
waves and wounds wound within the confines
of your minds?
Electric erected eclectic images:
that's all we are.
Photos of demented dimensions, dead by extension,
flowing and glowing
through vain veins and rolling rays,
like a star slithering through sand,
the seduction of reduction is
cataclysmic and anti-climatic.
Within and without you,
all you found
is the illusion of round sound.
:iconwolffhowl:Wolffhowl 19 0
Don't You Fucking Lie to Me
Memorization of the unforgettable elation?
Harsh faces make it easy in terms of concentration.
Immaculate honor
comes to the accidental scholar,
the father
you've never seen has hands that puppeteer your dreams,
the residue of a cello screaming from the dopamine,
caffeinated shade and blonde cliche babes
Yellow flowers and burning hours
and copper contemplations and sexual sensations.
Metal sun man,
your existence is a scam,
mouth painted red
like the voice inside your head.
:iconwolffhowl:Wolffhowl 0 0
Capitalism is A Big Men's Restroom
Look over there.
See that?
It's a wall.
Well, THE wall. There's only one.
Your life force is wrapped around the isolation.
The essence of silence is the fabric of creation.
Eyes are made of lava.
Stare into them and you go blind,
ignored with disdain
and hated with prejudice
and run out of ink
at the table of the armistice
for existence
and peace
because the eyes are lava
but the gaze is a spear.
Cleanse your soul in fat
and get the fuck out of here.
:iconwolffhowl:Wolffhowl 5 2
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Anarchists are Ludicrously Sexy :iconwolffhowl:Wolffhowl 7 8
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Yeah the main folder got full again from some of the crazy, great, and hilarious work everyone's been putting in there! Since it'll keep happening, everyone can submit to the Featured 2 folder from now on so we can keep more of the good stuff flowin' in! We can't make more space in the main one, so you'll have to find the new folder in our Gallery at the bottom (DA doesn't let you rearrange the folder order). This'll be the last time I put up a message about this cause I know it's getting repetitive for you guys. Anyway, thanks for submitting - and keep it coming! We've been lovin' some of the stuff we're getting!
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So thanks for just submitting random stuff I honestly don't care about what goes on here but do you think this group should set up a chat? Comment if you would join it.

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A club devoted to the ideals of anarchy being an Utopian state without government or social classes. Also specializing in art of peace, anarchy, or what a utopia would look like
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