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Coco Bandicoot by jnstudi Coco Bandicoot :iconjnstudi:jnstudi 97 14
Miraculous Ladybug X Male Reader: Chapter 3
You were currently inside your bathroom,brushing your teeth as Apina was floating next to you.
Apina: Why are you up so early dude? School doesn't start for a bit over an hour.
(Y/N): I'm gonna go to Marinette's family's bakery. I need more of those croissants. They are everything. I should leave you one so you can experience the glory.
Apina: You better dude. I like my bananas but I could use for variety.
(Y/N): You're gonna have to tell me a bit more about yourself and what you do.
Apina: I really should...wait I just remembered what today is!
(Y/N): What?
Apina: It's Valentines Day!
(Y/N): Okay?
Apina lets out a gasp.
Apina: Dude,do you not have anyone you like?
(Y/N): As a matter of fact I do.
Apina: Why aren't you more excited then man?
(Y/N): Because she doesn't know I like her. And like all people at my age I'm gonna deal with my emotions by suppressing and denying them. Plus I stink at feelings.
Apina: Well can you tell me who?~
(Y/N): If she doesn't know,why should you?
:iconicyhotmatt:IcyHotMatt 9 3
MHA Fantasy AU: Momo Yaoyorozu x M!Reader. Part 4
Hope you all enjoy it.
Mayo Sakakibara belongs to Art-Might 
Kouta Ichigo belongs to mamioli 
Umiko Tanaka belongs to Orophea 

This is the reader from my Momo Yaoyorozu series. If you want to read that, go here:… 

Hope you all enjoy~! 
“The Mermaid Swamp, about time we’re here.”
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 21 12
Neon Akali by Strawberry-Kiwi-B Neon Akali :iconstrawberry-kiwi-b:Strawberry-Kiwi-B 10 2
Marvel// Fem!Venom x Male!Toxin!Reader
Hey guys, thanks for choosing to read this oneshot! If you'd like to request anything, I have my request journal right here: Upload Schedule + Request Policy!! Part Dos
This fic doesn't have romance in it as much as it's an action fic. Mainly because the reader has the toxin symbiote. If y'all want a second part to this, I can do that and add more of a romance to it. Like, taking place after the events of this and once Edel has more control. Kinda like a partners in crime type of deal. Alright, enjoy~!
Eddie Brock = Edel Brock
Short Lived
The air is cool in the dark of night. I stand on the rooftop of my apartment building, staring to the moon. The breeze runs through my h/c hair and down my sides. It smells slightly of pumpkin spice. How original of th
:iconboomboomboi:BoomBoomBoi 15 4
Mature content
Superhero Harem Part 12 :icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 9 0
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's - Legacy of the Blue Eyes CH. 1.2
Okita found a secret entrance for us, and we sneaked in to the tournament stadium and waited. "So, we're just going to wait?"
"Yep," said Liquid.
"Oh, fun." The crowd started cheering.
"Huh? I hear lots of cheering going on. Has the duel finished or something?" Why to stat the obvious, Liquid. "More importantly where did Okita run off too? He's taking forever."
The door open and Okita walked in. "Sorry for my lateness. But I have news Akiza Izinski has lost." Oh, well poor her.
"What don't we need her for this plan to work?" Liquid said, and what plan was this? I had no idea. "Now what?"
"I guess we go home, coming here was probably a waste of time." Okita said. "But why don't we look around before we go our merry little way?" We walked out of the room, and come to a stop when we heard Akiza and Sayer speaking.
"Nice job Akiza, now let's go home."
"But I... I..."
"Let's go you need rest now." The two walked in front of us, not up to us, in front of us. I had the feeling that Sayer woul
:iconblazinglunarwolf:BlazingLunarWolf 2 0
Bloom x MaleReader
Reader's pov
You saw that your adoptive sister, Bloom, was sitting on the edge of a cliff, just looking out to the horizen. A slight smile crossed your face as you walked up behind her. That's when you tapped her on the shoulder causing her to look over her shoulder at you.
"You ok, sis?" You asked
"Yeah" She said "Just fine"
You sat down next to her before taking a hold of her hand. Bloom smirk slightly before looking towards you.
"___" She said "You're not little anymore"
"Eh?" You said
"So you don't need to hold my hand" She said
"Oh..." You said "... I know... I just want to hold your hand"
Bloom blushed slightly before looking away from you. That's when you rested your head on her shoulder. She let out a slight sigh which caused you to look at her.
"Bloom?" You said "You sure you're ok?"
Bloom looked into your eyes before giving a smile. That's when she kissed you softly on the lips which caused your entire face to turn red. She kissed you slightly deeper which caused you t
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 23 4
Vicki Vale x Male!Reader - Chapter 1

Winter, a time where the snow in Gotham is colored red with either the blood of criminals or of the innocence. It was also a time where Y/n takes a break from going out there as The Silver Bullet and just be Y/n L/n, because there is no way in hell he’s driving a motorcycle on ice. So, returning to the dorm room during the beginning of winter break, where most people would be spending time with family and things of the like, he was spending time with his roommate, Rob. 
Rob: Bout time, bro, I was thinking about playing Mario Party by myself. 
Y/n: You know how the traffic is like these days. 
Rob: What would I do if my gym bro got jumped? 
Y/n: Find another spotter. 
Rob: Nah. It wouldn’t be the same, you know? 
Rob was that one sports friend you know in school. You know; plays football, lifts weights, and does all that. Currently, Rob was in the US Navy reserves and h
:iconpopdood:popdood 13 4
Mature content
Superhero Harem Part 11 :icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 8 0
Kim x MaleReader
A well placed kick to your stomach made you fall to your knees. You coughed up a bit of blood as you looked up at your opponent, Black*Star.
"I think he's had enough" Tsubaki said
Black*Star laughed and went to kick you again but you stopped his foot and uppercutted him. He went flying back as you got to your feet.
"___-chan" Tsubaki said "That was a tad to harsh"
You bowed your head, apologized and left. You went back into the DWMA and towards the showers. But on your way there you saw her; Kim Diehl, your crush.
"H... H... H... Hi, Kim" You said as you walked passed
She ignored you, just like every other time. You sighed and kept going. She might have ignored you today, and every other day, but tomorrow you were going to show her how you felt. But right now you needed a shower. You entered the showers and saw no one else in there. Good You took your shirt off to reveal your scarred chest and stomach.
"I thought I'd find you here" A voice said
You clenched your fists and turned around
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 29 3
More Sexy Lemon by Laszl
Mature content
More Sexy Lemon :iconlaszl:Laszl 57 35
Mature content
Boku no Harem Academia Part 6 (BnHA) :icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 15 4
Miraculous Ladybug X Male Reader: Chapter 2
You wake up in your room,the sun shining and birds chirping. It would've been a perfect morning,but someone decided to get right into your face.
Apina: Dude! Up up up! The sun has risen upon your sweet pad!
(Y/N): Why are you in my face?
Apina: Cus i can?
You get up from your bed.
(Y/N): Hey how exactly do I transform?
Apina: Oh glad you asked that before we had to fight a villain. You just say "Apina,tail on.". You have a special ability as well. "Monkey See,Monkey Do." It allows you to temporarily copy the super powers of anyone near you. You can only use this power once per transformation.
(Y/N): Can't I just detransform and transform back?
Apina: Nope. Once you use your power,it drains my energy dude. And my energy supplies you with power. See where I'm going with this bro?
(Y/N): I get you.
Entering your bathroom,you change into your clothes. Upon exiting the bathroom you spot Apina attempting to get into your backpack.
(Y/N): What are you doing?
Apina: Trying to get into your kno
:iconicyhotmatt:IcyHotMatt 14 7
Discordia x Male!Reader - Discord and Agony

Eris, Discordia, Goddess of Chaos and Strife. Discordia is the reason you would go, “Why is this happening to me?!” Discordia absolutely adores messing with the affairs in mortals because that is the nature of her duty. She does not do it for the offerings her followers give, if she has any, she does not do it to gain cults and followers like her fellow gods and goddesses do, for she would just destroy her own cults because she wanted to. Discordia is a goddess most mortals and other gods feared because she is what you would describe as a “wild card”. She did things to mortals and gods because she could and would do them.  
She often went down to the mortal world because chaos and strife breeds there the most. And what is more chaotic than love itself? While not like the actual Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus, Discordia had her own hand in love, though it could be argued that her hand was more inf
:iconpopdood:popdood 15 20
Monster Musume Girls x MaleReader part 3
Reader's pov
Lala was chasing Papi and Suu around so you decided to look around the house more and ended up finding the bathroom. A wicked smile crossed your face as you decided to peak into the room to see Kurusu-kun in the bath with Miia washing his back.
"Yo, Kurusu-kun" You said
The two of them jumped before looking towards you. Miia covered her breasts as the thought of killing you crossed her mind.
"Y-Y-Yeah, ___" He said
"Miia ditched me" You said
"Yeah, I noticed that" He said "Wh-What did you need?"
A smirk crossed your face as you decided to tease Miia. You entered the bathroom with a slight blush on your face before closing the door.
"I... I need you, Kurusu-kun" You said
Kurusu-kun blushed deeply as Miia looked extremely pissed. You stepped towards him and took your shirt off before beginning to unbutton your pants.
"Can I please bath with you?" You asked
Kurusu then noticed what you were doing and began to play along with you. Kurusu nodded causing you to take the rest of
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 53 17

Newest Deviations

stormbreaker by Anarchy-4eveR stormbreaker :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0
thank you yuri-milkshake
the tale of the immortal yuri-milkshake
this story is my thank you to yuri-milkshake
TRIGGER WARNING suicide thoughts
bold letters =  outside the fourth wall
} { = anarchy's story
"it's done! blair seven minutes in haven" yuri said with pride, yuri was an artist who loved to write stories, so many that her fans even made requests for stories and yuri didn't dissapoint she created so many stories for the fans. Three years go by and yuri had created 1,950 stories each more amazing than the last, yuri had thousands of followers becoming somewhat of a celeberity, but yuri was slowing dying from a Kidney infection, one of yuri's followers named "anarchy" was going throw some emotional issues and was in a very dar place, either by chance or fate anarchy stumbled upon a story "blair seven minutes in heave" anarchy being a fan of blair sat down to read the story becoming so lost in this world that he felt likehe had found a way to escape his pain, so he ready more and more of y
:iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 1 2
white arrow 2: a city in need chapter 1
after months of training tony had masted the bow and arrow as oliver gave tony a white mask and showed tony a white suit with his hood attached to it " you still need a name you know" oliver said as tony smiled  "my name will be white arrow". 5 years after tony left starling city and tony was living his life and everything was fine  till tony turned on the tv  and saw that a ruthless villian named damien darhk imprisoned all of team arrow " city is under the control of a madman"  tony packed his bow and quiver and set off for star city, (meanwhile in starling city) damien darhk laughed " did you really think your kung fu would stop me HA you wish" damien walked over to a woman who was blindfolded as she struggled " some one will come for me you won't get what you want" damien  laughed again " who's gonna save you? huh the green arrow? your uncle? that big  idiot toru? no one will save you miss chan"  the woman hung her head as she thought
:iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 0
zone-tan in the snow by Anarchy-4eveR
Mature content
zone-tan in the snow :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 3 0
ace and android 18 by Anarchy-4eveR ace and android 18 :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 1 0 joker sasuke w/ eternal mongekyo sharingan by Anarchy-4eveR joker sasuke w/ eternal mongekyo sharingan :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0 joker death the kid by Anarchy-4eveR joker death the kid :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 0 ace's little brother ripper by Anarchy-4eveR ace's little brother ripper :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 3 0 hollow hidan by Anarchy-4eveR hollow hidan :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0 shadow lugia by Anarchy-4eveR shadow lugia :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 3 0 hollow pain by Anarchy-4eveR hollow pain :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 0 joker madara by Anarchy-4eveR joker madara :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 1 3 joker sephiroth by Anarchy-4eveR joker sephiroth :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 5 3 Adult Amy rose by Anarchy-4eveR Adult Amy rose :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0 adult jade chan by Anarchy-4eveR adult jade chan :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 6 2 golden lugia by Anarchy-4eveR golden lugia :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0




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its anthony im back i WAS using the name sehgetta but now im ANARCHY 4EVER!!!
Raven by xXGreenYumiXx
Raven by xXGreenYumiXx

Raven by xXGreenYumiXx


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