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zone-tan in the snow by Anarchy-4eveR
Mature content
zone-tan in the snow :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 3 0
ace and android 18 by Anarchy-4eveR ace and android 18 :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 1 0 Brie Zahn by Anarchy-4eveR Brie Zahn :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 4 eclipse and moon moon by Anarchy-4eveR eclipse and moon moon :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 3 scott x brie by Anarchy-4eveR scott x brie :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 1 joker sasuke w/ eternal mongekyo sharingan by Anarchy-4eveR joker sasuke w/ eternal mongekyo sharingan :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0 joker death the kid by Anarchy-4eveR joker death the kid :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 0 ace's little brother ripper by Anarchy-4eveR ace's little brother ripper :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 3 0 hollow hidan by Anarchy-4eveR hollow hidan :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0 shadow lugia by Anarchy-4eveR shadow lugia :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 3 0 hollow pain by Anarchy-4eveR hollow pain :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 0 joker madara by Anarchy-4eveR joker madara :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 1 3 joker sephiroth by Anarchy-4eveR joker sephiroth :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 5 3 Adult Amy rose by Anarchy-4eveR Adult Amy rose :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0 adult jade chan by Anarchy-4eveR adult jade chan :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 6 2 golden lugia by Anarchy-4eveR golden lugia :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0


DC Universe: DC Girls x M!Reader (Prologue)
Alright, before we start, this is just a prologue. Each girl will get two parts, one being the one where they train the reader, and the other part will be their ending. This is NOT a harem series. Each girl will get their own chapter and ending, so comment on who you want.

I was sitting in my living-room, just eating some take-out noodles. They were pretty good. While I was doing that, I decided to put my feet on my coffee table and leaned back. I lived a pretty laid back life, which usually consists of me waking up, going to school, going home, eating food, watch T.V, sleep, and just repeat. I even made a shirt of that for fun
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 21 24
Conjured Love (Erza X Mreader)
AN: Funny how now, whenever I watch a new anime, I expect to get one or two Waifus. And here’s one. Erza Scarlett.
About you: You are a Wizard of the Fairy Tale Guild. Your magic is mainly conjuration based. Your main spells being summoning a bow made of Aether and turning your familiar into different forms. But you can also use other types, such as fire and ice to enhance the power of your arrows. Anyway, you joined Fairy Tale a few months back, and already, you caught the attention of someone.
Your outfit, but in whatever color you like:
And you do not have the staff.
(Third Person)
It was another day at the Fairy Tale Guild. People were ether drinking, relaxing, or watching Nats
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 77 49
Artificial Love (Tracer X Mreader)
AN: So I been brewing this idea for a bit, and I have decided to do it. Tracer X Human Like Omnic Mreader. XD That is a mouthful. Anyway, figured doing this, since I have yet to see a X Mreader like that, and that is a shame.
About You: You are one of the most advance Omnics to ever be made. You look, and sound human, but underneath the fake skin, is the hard shell of any Omnic. You do have weird features, that being lines of (Fave Color) running down your body, along your arms and legs. And a cress that goes along the bridge of your nose and down your jaw line. Course, this was all before the war happened, and in order for you to never be used for evil, you were sealed away in a Overwatch vault. But now, it is time to awaken.
(Lena’s POV)
I sat in the shuttle, kicking my feet as
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 82 27
Mature content
The Loving Dead ( Zombina x Male!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 88 26
Mature content
Undead love ( Zombina x Dullahan!Male!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 86 36
leone x male reader different dimensions part 2
After making a excuse to my parents saying that she was my secret girlfriend and being embarrassed I laid on my bed and turned on my t.v looking through channels as leone walked in.
leone: your parents are lovely.
y/n: more like embarrassing.
leone: so i'm your girlfriend huh~
I blushed as she crawled over me only for her to lay on my chest tiredly.
y/n: leone?
leone: sush and enjoy, and I know you have a crush on me.
y/n: h-how?
leone: I've seeing the drawing of me cuddling you like this or one where we are sitting on a swing and I kissed you. need I go on?
y/n: n-no
I couldn't help but blush as she smirked up at me.
Leone: now that I look at it you are pretty cute.
y/n: -blushing hard- d-don't say that.
leone chuckled but pecked my cheek I looked down at her and saw her blush a little.
leone: think of it as a gift for saving my life and letting me stay.
y/n: no problem i'm sure if the situation was reversed you would help me.
I chuckled nervously but stopped as I looked at her with h
:iconmiragemc1:miragemc1 24 4
Mature content
leone x male reader different dimensions :iconmiragemc1:miragemc1 24 3
Gine x MaleReader (DBZ)
Reader's pov
You'd just gotten back to Planet Vegeta and went to present yourself to King Vegeta to let him know of the planet you just cleared. You were escorted into the throne room and instantly bowed your head to the King and the young prince.
"My Lord" You said "The Planet (Planet name) has been cleared and is ready for selling"
"You did good" King Vegeta said
"Thank you" You said "My King"
King Vegeta looked into your eyes before giving you a nod. You bowed your head to him, and the young prince, before leaving the throne room and going back to your house. Once you got there you saw a beautiful young lady standing at your front door. She was about to knock on the door but ended up taking a step backwards. She did that four more times before you cleared your throat which caused her to turn around to look at you. A slight blush crossed her face.
"Oh... Are you ___?" She asked
"I am" You said "You are?"
"I'm Gine" She said "King Vegeta sent me as your reward"
You walked over to her
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 47 2
Your Christmas present malereader x Sakura haruno
3rd person
Y/n went to the store to get a present for his best girlfriend he's ever had. His last 2 relationships have been terrible. Each time they would just cheat on him in secret.
He had thought that they cared about him but instead made fun of his feelings. Sakura had accepted his feelings and confessed her own. When he got to the store he started to remember how they met.
It was a sad day for y/n he had spent his whole cash on getting Ino a one of a kind necklace. When y/n had bought it he thought that she would enjoy it and accept his feelings.
After sometime searching around the hidden leaf village y/n had finally found her. But it shattered his feelings because she was kissing Sai. Y/n just stood there heart broken that she would care more about Sai then him.
Ino! You can go straight to hell, and Sai watch your back because I'll make sure you go there first! Y/n yelled as he threw Ino
Her gift then ran.
While Sakura was walking around depressed because she was thinking about S
:iconrulerofthedarkness:Rulerofthedarkness 13 3
Male Saiyan Reader x Bulma Pt 2 Help!
Me: Alright next target is on planet earth. I'm going for you prince of all saiyans.
(Timeskip brought to you by Shizuka) [Shizuka: umm... timeskip... (runs away) Me: Aww so close.]
Bulma P.O.V
Me: Ok, I'll see you at my party guys.
Ginge: Bye Goku,Goten,ChiChi.
(Bulma drives back to capsule corp)
Ginge: Mom, can we stop at the Uncle Dive's house.
Me: Sure Ginge, we'll stop there after I get some ingredients.
Ginge: Yay!
(Bulma stops at a grocery store and Ginge sees an ice cream man)
Ginge: Mom can I get Ice cream?
Me: Alright but only get one.
Ginge: Yay! (Goes and gets some ice cream)
(Bulma smiles while going in)
Rg: Alright everyone on the ground now! (Shoots a person in the arm)
Me: Hey what do you think your doing?
Rg: Stay back! (Aims gun at bulma)
(Ginge rushes at the guy and hits him in the balls) Leave her alone! Mom are you ok?
(The guy grabs Ginge and chokes her) You little shit!
Me: Leave her alone!
Rg: Get any closer and ill kill her!
3rd person
Just as the guy was going
:iconrulerofthedarkness:Rulerofthedarkness 16 2
Male Saiyan Reader x Bulma Pt 1 Beginning
Battle of gods saga (btw Yuri is Vegeta in this.)
Bulma: Where do you think your going!
Yuri: You know you sound like a bitch, and not in a good way.
Bulma: It's not my fault you didn't have a condom! You are going to get a job and help me raise our new child and Trunks.
Trunks: Wahhh! [1 year old]
Yuri: Yeah about that. (Goes off to space in capsule corp ship)
Bulma: You bitch!
1 year later Bulma's baby is born
Bulma: Look Trunks this is your half sister, Ginge.
(Trunks is smiling at his half sister)
Ginge's Uncle Dive: So where's daddy?
Bulma: Last time we talked was a year ago so, I don't know. But it'll be fine I got you guys to help.
Gohan: Does that mean she's a half-saiyan like me.
Goku: Yup just like you Gohan.
5 years later Training
(Ginge is out of breath)
Goku: Don't push yourself Ginge. You'll go super saiyan when your ready.
Ginge: I know Goku but I want to be strong like my father.
Gohan: Hey it's alright Ginge. I know you can do it.
Bulma and Chichi: Time for school
:iconrulerofthedarkness:Rulerofthedarkness 18 11
Male Reader x Sinon - The Neon Warrior Part 6
Well, it this is it. The last entry of the series. It's been an interesting ride but i felt it turned out all right. If you enjoyed it, excellent. If not, oh well. But if you did enjoy it, why not stick around for more? I've got an idea for another male reader series this time with either Lisbeth/Rika or Leafa/Suguha. If you would like to voice your opinion on which one I should do next, just leave a comment below. Anyways, here is part 6.
It had been about six months since the Ray Sphere had been destroyed and it's owner , Jeanne had been defeated. GGO had been saved but the events of that day will go unnoticed by those who were unaware of the dangers they potentially faced and the deaths of the two strongest conduits was chalked up as just another fight. Everything else continued as if nothing happened. Meanwhile in the real world, you and Asada had finished eating and were walking around town. Even though the sun was down, the heat of the day persisted but there was a cool breeze th
:iconhellrider145:hellrider145 11 5
Male Reader x Sinon - The Neon Warrior Part 5.
Getting closer to finishing. Only one part left after this.
"The city lights were looming in the distance as you both sat in silence in your car. The radio playing quietly as you felt warmth in your hand. You looked over at her and saw her smiling the brightest smile you've ever seen. "Where do you want to go?" you asked. She looked out in the distance, still smiling. "It doesn't matter. Just as long as your there with me." You smiled as you put the car in drive." (Excerpt from final chapter.)
You raced through the city in a blur of neon light as you wondered if you were doing the right thing even though your friend told you to go on without him. He was in a vulnerable state and with the approaching footsteps and yelling closing in, you wondered how much of a fight he could actually put up before meeting his
:iconhellrider145:hellrider145 9 0
Male Reader x Sinon - The Neon Warrior Part 4.
It's been awhile since I've really worked on this project so I hope you all find it as enjoyable as the previous entries.
It had been a few days since your date with Asada and you were back in GGO. Since your battles with Pyro and Shadow, both you and Freezer had become stronger and more notorious amongst your fellow conduits and what Freezer called the "purists". Many of your fellow conduits thought Freezer could potentially become the most dangerous conduit due to his ultimate technique. In the few weeks that had passed, it had remained quiet and the Ray Sphere still in the hands of the group you sided with. You didn't mind the peace but Freezer had his doubts for awhile but kept quiet. You were both standing on the balcony of a large building overlooking the city.
"So, (M/N), do you think it's odd that we've been sitting around waiting all this time, doing nothing?" Freezer said as he leaned over the rails.
"I guess I never really put much thought to it. Why do you ask?" you said.
:iconhellrider145:hellrider145 11 0
Male Reader x Sinon - The Neon Warrior Part 3.
Part 3 of 6 of my reader insert.
"You were sitting in a room with a wooden floor but the strange thing was, it had no walls but it was dark except for one light that hung above you. In front of you was a telephone laying on a stool and began ringing. It was ringing for awhile before you answered it. You heard a voice that sounded so sweet and so familiar but that voice was incredibly sad that it hurt. "Please don't leave me. I don't want to be alone again." the voice said softly to you through the phone but it sounded as if the person was right next to you." (Excerpt from a future chapter.)
It had been two weeks since that night you told Asada how you felt about her and had started dating. You met her at the theater to catch a flick. It was some cheesy 80's style synth-driven action film ab
:iconhellrider145:hellrider145 11 0
Male Reader x Sinon - The Neon Warrior Part 2.
Part 2 of 6 of my reader insert.
Both you and Freezer were falling as you both had leapt from the building you were on and kicked the building, pushing yourselves forward and then you activated your powers. The neon glow surrounded you once again as you flew towards your targets. You saw the vehicle picking up speed and you guessed they had spotted you. You both hit the ground and Freezer jumped on your back. You gave him a look as he shrugged and pointed at the convoy that was getting away. You activated your powers again and headed towards your target at incredible speed. It didn't take you long to catch up to them and you cut them off as they were about to exit the city. The vehicle skidded to a stop as it was almost touching you. You thought to yourself that it could have ran you over if the driver wanted to but it was clear that he was ordered to stop, no doubt by the two standing on top of the truck. Both of you backed away as the two jumped down. The one known as Pyro had the sa
:iconhellrider145:hellrider145 13 0


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United States
its anthony im back i WAS using the name sehgetta but now im ANARCHY 4EVER!!!…


this story takes place in an alternate universe on earth 15

tony james was an aspiring voice actor till one day his life was changed forever, lets start from the beginning  tony had arrived in starling city for  an audition  for the voice of riku in  the new kingdom hearts TV series tony had been doing voices since he was a child and he was finally able to to follow his dream while in his spare time tony liked to practice his marksmenship with a bow and arrow on his way to the audition tony heard a women screaming on instinct tony dropped his bag and grabbed his bow and quiver and headed off to the screaming tony had no idea he was in over his head till he came face to face with floyd lawton aka deadshot tony was since a novice with a bow and arrow he knew he was in over his head but he was still not going to back down as tony put his hood of his white hoodie up he took aim at deadshot as floyd took aim at tony both men not blinking as tony spoke " just let the girl go and we can forget this all happened" deadshot laughed " and who are you  the son of  the arrow" tony refused to anwser as deadshot fired first as tony rolled out of the way and released the arrow from his bow hitting deadshot in his eye " haha  whats that about you never missing your target deadshot?" tony said  as he escorted the woman to her car and headed to his audition but little did  tony know that oliver queen aka the green arrow was watching the whole time. after the audition tony felt good about  himself as he sat on a bench he wasnt expecting to meet oliver queen, oliver explained that he saw tony take down deadshot "it was a lucky shotim not even a pro" tony said as oliver smiled " how would you like it if i trained you to be a pro just like  the arrow himself" tony knew oliver was talking about himself but never the less tony accepted and began his training oliver even took tony's hood and made it into a suit like his. after months of training tony had masted the bow and arrow as oliver gave tony a white mask and showed tony a white suit with his hood attached to it " you still need a name you know" oliver said as tony smiled " my name will be white arrow"

the end?
i know i haven't uploaded any art work for months but im sure most of you know the pain of telling the love of your life how you feel and having her reject you in the worst genji would say..." i need healing". I  might post more art....i might leave DA i honestly don't know at this point
zone-tan in the snow
ok look i know its not in the zone art style but i think of it as teen zone-tan
ace and android 18
once she lost her heart android 18 felt like trash but one guy vowed to never turn his back on her  years later ace and 18 were married and lived happily together and were expecting their first child


No journal entries yet.


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