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Mature content
Marvel: Workout :iconsteveolantern:SteveOLantern 8 0
There Was No Other Way (MCU X Male Reader) Part.2
(F/N) wiggled his toes in his boots, they were stiff and felt brand new. He hated them with everything in him, he hated everything about his green uniform, especially the helmet, he hated the army above all else. (F/N) looked around, there were groups of soldiers everywhere, exercising, marching, it made him want to puke. All the recruits including him were waiting for someone to come and give them an introduction. Some of the recruits were laughing, some talked about serious matters, some of them were just looking around. (F/N) was one of the only people standing there quietly. He sighed as he looked around the open field, he was so out of his element, it was crazy.
(F/N) was used to streets not grass, buildings not trees, gangs not soldiers, well...he actually preferred soldiers over gangs but that wasn't the point. The only reason he was here was because his father made him. Frank had found
:iconjetrayf:jetrayf 7 3
Mature content
Fem!Werewolf X M!Reader FULL {LEMON} :icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 19 2
Fem!Dragon X M!Reader FULL
(Because it's my story, the dragon will eventually show that she can turn into a dragon-human hybrid of herself)
Did I say thanks to IgnobleFiend yet? If not, then thanks bby
Just not here...

I swung my head around to check if they were still chasing me, I saw that they had stopped in their tracks. They looked above me and began whispering to each other, they then started laughing as I ran inside the giant cave. Even if they had stopped chasing me, I couldn't take the chance that it was just a ruse. I then tripped over a rock and came to a screeching halt, my wounds suddenly reminded me that they were there. I was losing a lot of blood and quick, I grabbed and tightly held my arm to stop as much bleeding as I could. I stumbled forward while trying not to lose consciousness, my vision becoming blurrier with each step.
It was pitch black and I couldn't see my hand in front of my own face, I hit
:icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 37 1
Fem!High Elf X M!Reader FULL
(Thanks once again to IgnobleFiend)Thanks to TheNessY21 for the name...
"I have something special, just for you~" the shady man smiled. "Just because you're my friend, and a good customer!" his stained yellow teeth glowed in the moonlight. "If it's anything that can get me into trouble Yasmir..." (Y/N) sighed as Yasmir laughed. "Just... take a look," Yasmir gestured to a door. (Y/N) carefully opened the door, and saw what Yasmir had been 'offering' him. Pointy ears, Pale skin, Silver hair... this was an elf, but not just any elf. This female elf looked the same as the elves from the regions of nobility, (Y/N) immediately knew he had come across a gem.. but did Yasmir know it?
"Do you like her?" Yasmir asked as the Elf angrily hissed and cursed through her mouth-binding. "What type of Elf is she?" (Y/N) asked. "I dunno, I came across her out in the highlands.. all by her lonesome.." Yasmir chuckled, remembering the encounter. "With that their mouth-binding, she can't chuck curs
:icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 48 5
Marvel Universe x Male!Reader - Scent of Money 2/2
Searching the dead mafio in the bathroom for any spare magazines for the pistol, and finding only two full mags, he left the room and started to make his way towards the top. As a general rule to follow, he shot out any cameras since at this point Hammerhead’s branch of the Maagia had to have taken over it and using them to find out where he was and also peek the stairs from a distance since he didn’t know if he was gonna get shot from someone coming up or someone going up. In addition to his pistol, which was a 1911 chambered in .45, he picked up a he obtained a pump shotgun as he progressed through the floors and made his way up to the rooftop party. Although he had the shotgun at his disposal, he mostly used the 1911 since its recoil wasn’t too much strain on his body and the shotgun’s main purpose was to make holes in the drywall.
Meanwhile on the roof, Hammerhead and his people were keeping the people in check in case there was anyone trying to be a hero. W
:iconpopdood:popdood 12 18
Mature content
Fem!Werewolf X M!Reader FULL :icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 39 12
Willow Schnee x Pirate Male Reader
Chapter 23

Victoria's POV:
I waited for the girl to get back up to lower gun deck before looking at the two locked away and said, "Get comfortable you two. We'll be settling our differences real soon." With that said and done, I followed the cat faunus back up and caught up to her waiting for me near the staircase closest to the stern. "I have to tell Ozpin this you know." I stood in front of her and looked down before taking a breath and looking around for something to sit on. I grabbed a barrel and moved it between two crates before motioning her to take a seat on the other side. She stood there staring at me before I spoke out, "Sit, please." I notice her bow twitch before she signed and sat where I offered. "Blake, I know you have a conscious and duty to report this to the old man above, but I ask you-no implore you to forget everything you saw." She looked at me sternly and replied, "Do you think I'm stupid!? Why would I do that!? So every faunus on this ship can hang thos
:iconsmokinmask:SmokinMask 6 0
Mature content
Sly Cooper x male reader pt.5 - Play time :iconcalisdad:calisdad 3 0
Mature content
Sly Cooper x Male reader Pt.5 :iconcalisdad:calisdad 6 3
Mature content
Sly Cooper x Male reader Pt.4 :iconcalisdad:calisdad 11 2
Mature content
Sly Cooper x Male reader Pt.3 :iconcalisdad:calisdad 11 4
Sly Cooper x Male reader Pt.2
 Sly Cooper x Male reader Pt.2
          Theivus friends
You stare at him for a moment before he climbs on top of you, his body dangerously close to yours. "Hello? Anybody home?" you snap out of your trance and scatter to the floor with a thud. You notice a few other faces watching from behind the couch, Sly gets up and motions his hands "Whoa, whoa, whoa take it easy. Were not gonna hurt you." he looks at the scars left behind from the glass "Speaking of hurting, How'd you get something that nasty anyway?" you turn your eyes to avoid eye contact "You could say I was unintentionally struck, you see inspector Carmalita has major anger issues." you take out a bright pink pocket watch  encrusted with diamonds to form a heart and pink ribbon flowing from it. "I stole this from La Paradox it's his dead wife's pocket watch. I was getting back at him for when he made his goons rape me about two months ago. Carmalita she got mad when we were in her office and
:iconcalisdad:calisdad 20 2
Sly Cooper x Male reader Pt.1
Sly Cooper x male reader Pt.1
                     The accident
It was a dark stormy night in Paris, you ran down the slippery dark road as they rain drops soaked your hair. You stop and hear La Paradox's voice shout to his minions "Find that brat!" you dive into a trash can for coverage. You felt your dinner begin to crawl up your throat, you cover your mouth to prevent the notice giving away where you were. Unfortunately it was too late you felt a hand grab the back of your collar and pull you out. In the flickering light at the end of the ally reveals a angry and concerned she fox. But your fright gets the best of you and you black out next thing you know your laying on a couch in the familiar police station with a blanket over your shoulder. A horse in a police uniform walks towards you "The inspector wants to speak with you m/n." You get up and knock on the red door you hear a feminine "Come in." and you do as instructed. As y
:iconcalisdad:calisdad 25 4
Fem!T'Challa X M!Reader FULL (Marvel)
(The ability is called 'Pathifery'.. Haruhi Suzumiya is an example of this ability)
T'Challa = Challa (Couldn't think of anything better tbh)
Challa POV
I looked at the two invaders, one was clearly a villain.. the aura he was giving off, there's not mistaking it. "Why are you after me?!" the man shouted. He was bloody and beaten, cuts all over his body. "Because the government ordered me to kill you~" the villain hummed. Ordered him to kill?... "Wh...Why?! I've done nothing wrong!" the man shouted angrily. The villain started laughing, "You haven't noticed it, have you?!" the villain laughed. I was wondered when I should step in, Okoye walked up beside me and I motioned for her to be quiet. "Why not intervene, my queen?" she asks.
"I want to know the context.." I replied and she nodded. We looked back to the fight, "Noticed what?" the man coughed up blood. "Your existence is a curse!" the villain shouted. "Just being alive, you are changing the world around you!" he laughed. "You are
:icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 34 1
Bonds Forged by the Cards Ep 9
(Episode 9: Heroes)
(Third Person)
(FN) and Alexis stood by the Elevator, waiting for the signal to head out. It was down to two pairs. (FN) and Alexis vs Jaden and Izuku. This wouldn’t be an easy duel, since looking at the two stronger Duelists (FN) and Jaden, it is easy to see that this was going to be an epic Duel. Friend and Rival against each one another. (FN) let out a breath and smirked. “Man, guess we should have seen this coming.” (FN) said as he looked forward. Alexis nodded. “Yeah, Jaden and Izuku are good, more so Jaden. So this should be interesting.” Alexis said.
“Odds are me and Jaden would be having our own little Duel, so I guess take that time to work on Izuku or help me take Jaden down.” (FN) said as he stretched his arms.
“If you say so, just don’t go leaving the Duel up to me though.” Alexis said.
“Hey, you beat her right? But no worriers.” (FN) said. “I will be beside you till the end of
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 6 4

Newest Deviations

thank you yuri-milkshake
the tale of the immortal yuri-milkshake
this story is my thank you to yuri-milkshake
TRIGGER WARNING suicide thoughts
bold letters =  outside the fourth wall
} { = anarchy's story
"it's done! blair seven minutes in haven" yuri said with pride, yuri was an artist who loved to write stories, so many that her fans even made requests for stories and yuri didn't dissapoint she created so many stories for the fans. Three years go by and yuri had created 1,950 stories each more amazing than the last, yuri had thousands of followers becoming somewhat of a celeberity, but yuri was slowing dying from a Kidney infection, one of yuri's followers named "anarchy" was going throw some emotional issues and was in a very dar place, either by chance or fate anarchy stumbled upon a story "blair seven minutes in heave" anarchy being a fan of blair sat down to read the story becoming so lost in this world that he felt likehe had found a way to escape his pain, so he ready more and more of y
:iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 1 2
white arrow 2: a city in need chapter 1
after months of training tony had masted the bow and arrow as oliver gave tony a white mask and showed tony a white suit with his hood attached to it " you still need a name you know" oliver said as tony smiled  "my name will be white arrow". 5 years after tony left starling city and tony was living his life and everything was fine  till tony turned on the tv  and saw that a ruthless villian named damien darhk imprisoned all of team arrow " city is under the control of a madman"  tony packed his bow and quiver and set off for star city, (meanwhile in starling city) damien darhk laughed " did you really think your kung fu would stop me HA you wish" damien walked over to a woman who was blindfolded as she struggled " some one will come for me you won't get what you want" damien  laughed again " who's gonna save you? huh the green arrow? your uncle? that big  idiot toru? no one will save you miss chan"  the woman hung her head as she thought
:iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 0
zone-tan in the snow by Anarchy-4eveR
Mature content
zone-tan in the snow :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 3 0
ace and android 18 by Anarchy-4eveR ace and android 18 :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 1 0 joker sasuke w/ eternal mongekyo sharingan by Anarchy-4eveR joker sasuke w/ eternal mongekyo sharingan :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0 joker death the kid by Anarchy-4eveR joker death the kid :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 0 ace's little brother ripper by Anarchy-4eveR ace's little brother ripper :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 3 0 hollow hidan by Anarchy-4eveR hollow hidan :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0 shadow lugia by Anarchy-4eveR shadow lugia :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 3 0 hollow pain by Anarchy-4eveR hollow pain :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 0 joker madara by Anarchy-4eveR joker madara :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 1 3 joker sephiroth by Anarchy-4eveR joker sephiroth :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 5 3 Adult Amy rose by Anarchy-4eveR Adult Amy rose :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0 adult jade chan by Anarchy-4eveR adult jade chan :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 6 2 golden lugia by Anarchy-4eveR golden lugia :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 2 0 raikou by Anarchy-4eveR raikou :iconanarchy-4ever:Anarchy-4eveR 0 0




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its anthony im back i WAS using the name sehgetta but now im ANARCHY 4EVER!!!

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