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Magpie Anarchie - ei/eir/eirs/eirself

Hello, just a heads up that I have a pile of neuro nonsense such as

>Chiari Malformation


>Migraine condition

>Post-concussion syndrome


>And More! Doctors Hate Them!

Flareups can really be hard on me and make it hard to focus on something for an extended period of time. Please Be Patient With Me I Am A Zombie. I will absolutely try and contact you if we have a deal going on and I don't think I'll be able to make it in time due to Life Stuff.

Sorry! Thanks for understanding!

Discord Meme

Favourite Movies
The Thing ('82)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
A bunch of metal and pop punk but I like most things??
Favourite Books
Tailchaser's Song
Favourite Games
Danganronpa, Most Spyro games, Rusty Lake
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At least 1 hand
Hey guys, this is a relevant announcement for both Rixixi and B-NOMALY! Sorry for going slow in Rixixi and almost silent in B-NOMALY, along with Eclipse this summer is not taking it easy on me. I've got good news, though: Our Lorekeeper is officially open! It's effectively in beta, we're still testing some features and not everything is 100% yet, but it works fine enough to open it publicly! It's pretty much the new inventory and prompt management system for both Rixixi and B-NOMALY so if you're active in either one, please sign up so we can continue to manage your inventory and prompts, ahaha. Some things you'll find on the Chasmhome Lorekeeper: A Welcome Pack! It has stuff for both B-NOMALY and Rixixi. c: Myrk's shop has been moved entirely to Lorekeeper, and the B-NOMALY Labs shop has moved its entire stock to Lorekeeper except MYOs. I'm still sorting out how to port and work with MYOs. Most active barters and B-NOMALY prompts have been moved to the Lorekeeper - I cycled a couple
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hey dA can you fix how i cant go on your website at all during a heatwave if i do not want my computer to actually burn things
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(content warning: contains discussion of medication + physical and mental health) Hey there. So, recently I had to take off of admin work in Rixixi and Ketucari because I was ?sick? and also because I was having my wisdom teeth out at the very end of July. I didn't really give much of a specification on how I was sick, and that's partially because it required that content warning up there (I didn't really want it to be required reading) and partially because I was kind of feeling shameful about it. I've been noticing something that I'm... really not liking in some of the ARPGs that I'm in, though - there's been some increasing ableism this year and acceptance leaning increasingly away from "Scary" disorders. So, hi, my name is Magpie and I have paranoid psychosis. I also have Walking Corpse Delusion (Cotard's, but I prefer calling it Walking Corpse.) You can ask me stuff about it if you like, I might not have answers, though. I deal very well with it via medication (usually, this
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Hi there! We are currently updating out MYO system and Masterlist, your MYO Slot has moved locations. Link:

Unused MYO Slot- Anarchisme

Thank you for all the amazing art recently!

ghghgh when i dmed you asking for a comment to test something with, i didnt expect something INCREDIBLY NICE LIKE THIS.... THANK YOU

Thanks so much for the fave!^^

Have Llama friend:D

Hey, I see you like ARPGs and stuff, I thought I'd let you know about Kijikaiakus!
It's a fun, small group that has a lot of cool events and activities! Your first Kiji is free, with no obligation to join in the group or anything, we also have a Discord if you wanted to chat with some cool people :D (Big Grin)
Kijikaiaku are lion/fox noodles that come in a multitude of colors with many traits and markings to make each one unique! Even if you don't join, it'd be nice to have you stop by and check us out!

Check us out here: Gaias-Kijikaiaku 
I think you guys are affiliated with my group, actually (Rixixi) - I've taken a peek a few times and the designs are real neat, I might stop by and read up some more when I have the time <: