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Hello. Welcome to the Commission page. Apparently you want to pay me to draw you something. I am pleased! I'll gladly draw something for you, but please, follow the rules.

1. I will not draw Fanart.
Please provide proof that this is either your character, my character, or a friends character. No Naruto, No Sailor Moon, No Pyramid Head and no fanfiction characters like SailorEarth. They must not be a copyrighted or Trademarked character. I’m very strict about this.
I will, however, draw your tabletop or LARP character, as a certain amount of originality is achieved in these kinds of characters.

2. I will not draw graphic mutilation or porn.
I don’t have the chops. I will however, draw tasteful nudity so not all hope is lost!

3.  I do not, nor will I do a Livestream.
This is for several reasons. I do not have an ideal set up for it, and I get very nervous when people watch me work. Also the chat would be a distraction. I’m sorry for not letting us the engage in this social aspect of commissioning but I simply cannot nor do I want to do it.
(Added Oct. 2011)

4. The terms and agreements can change at my discretion.
I reserve the right to reject a commission request at any time for whatever reason.
(Added Nov. 8th 2013)

I am most comfortable drawing the following.

  • Anthros, particularly canine, lupine or feline
  • Humans/humanoids
  • Breasts
  • T&A/Cheesecake
  • Fabric/cloth

I am not so skilled in drawing the following.

  • Cars/vehicles
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Aquatic creatures
  • Insects


If you wish to commission me, please contact me at AnarchicQ at gmail DOT com with the subject line "Commission" with the details of what you want me to draw and if you want a sketch, inked or full coloured piece. Please specify if there is a deadline as well.

Once the initial sketch is done, I will show it to the customer so that they may review it and suggest changes. The customer may make a limited number of changes, but do not go overboard or suggest things that require me to re-draw the image from scratch.

After the sketch is approved, I will ink and colour it. If a hard copy is requested, I will mail the piece to the customer. If a digital copy is desired, I will email a flattened, high resolution PSD.


  • I reserve the right to use your commissioned image in my print portfolio, should I choose to do so.
  • I reserve the right to upload the image into my gallery or my DeviantArt gallery.
  • I reserve the right to use the image as an example to get more commissions.
  • I promise I will never sell your image as a print, a poster, a post card, trading card or in any other form. The only person who may give me money for this image is you, the customer.

By agreeing to commission me, you agree to do the following.

  • You will never sell the image.
  • You will never make copies of the image with intention to sell the copies.
  • You will not alter the image in any way
  • You may, however, post the image in your art galleries, but please credit me with a link to or


I require half of the payment up front, and half upon completion of the piece. This is to ensure both myself and you, the customer get a fair deal.
You can pay me through PayPal or well concealed cash. If you go the cash route, you must contact me first so that I can give you an address to send it to.

If you are uncomfortable or unable to do a monetary transaction, I also accept the following gift-cards:

  • Paypal
  • Playstation
  • Tim Hortons
  • Starbucks
  • Chapters/Indigo

If you choose to pay for your commission in gift-cards, I would appreciate the code up front. Gift-cards are not refundable.

In the event that I cannot complete your commission, I will refund to you a portion of your funds, dependant on how much I worked on the image.
I retain $1.00 from commissions amounting to $5.00
$2.00 from pieces amounting to $7.00
$3.00 from pieces amounting to $10.00
And $5.00 from pieces amounting to $12.00 or more.
Gift-cards cannot be refunded.

Contact me at AnarchicQ AT Gmail DOT com with the subject line "COMMISSION" so we can work out the kinks.

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