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Let's get dangerous DoobieDoWa

Look! My first successful picture of DarkWing Duck.
Every since I started watching Disney's Phineas and Ferb, I always thought Agent Perry the Platypus should team up with good ol' Darkwing. That's what fanart is for.

I used the following images as references but gave my own little touches like shape and colour. And Darkwing is just HARD to draw. Notice I left out his chin, because...well, I did.



Negaduck - [link]
Splatter Phoenix - [link]
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I would totally watch this.
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Darkwing Duck meets Perry the Platypus. That Whould Be Awsome!
DawnDewdrop's avatar
Now see, this is epic :D :D :D
AnarchicQ's avatar
Thank you very much!
TMNT4's avatar
Oh cool, nice job:icongreatjobplz:
Hotspot-the-626th's avatar
Oh yeah! It's Darkwing Duck! And Perry! Great combo!
TeaRoses's avatar
Awesome. The hats make it.
IAmTheUnison's avatar
When I first saw Perry the Platypus I always thought he looked a little bit like Darkwing Duck. This image is priceless. :)
Anna-McNarin's avatar
You just mixed two of my favourite things.
DarkwingDrake's avatar
I could so see them teaming up XD
TheSUNGlassKid's avatar
I think the Kato effect would kick into full swing here. (sidekick > hero)
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If disney did this I would be laughing so much, my guts would explode.
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Admittedly, I'm NOT a Phineas and Ferb fan (though I DO respect the rights of others to like the series), but I AM a HUGE Darkwing Duck fan and this IS a truly beautiful pic. Of course, either Negaduck or Taurus Bulba would make Doofenschmirtz look amateur hour by comparison (though I COULD see Doofy getting along pretty well with Bushroot; who, despite having the power to control plant life on a large scale, is actually the LEAST evil of DW's rogue's gallery; or Megavolt, who has a surprising amount in common with Doofenschmirtz [both are brilliant but insane inventors who have a habit of creating fantastic gadgets with rather ludicrous intentions and both, at times, tend to treat their respective heroes more like friends that happen to be playing a game on opposing sides]). Sorry. Got caught up in a thought. My bad.

Anyway, terrific piece of work on this pic, as I already aforementioned.
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Doof- What? Two platypusses? Or it's platypussi? What's the plural for that?
vrekasht's avatar
Oh good, I'm not the only one...I'd never heard of Phineas & Ferb, but when I saw the Perry stuff at the Disney Store he reminded me of Darkwing, so I started watching it. Now I'm hooked, of course. :D
Arbetta's avatar
hahahahaa This is AWESOME! And the tagline... epic!
Cezille07's avatar
It's just artistic and creepy and foreshadowing as I'd like. (Hehe.) ;) Awesome work! :D
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