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Dvorak Seti - A Gelfling Jedi

Dvorak Seti, a Gelfling Jedi, a healer, a peace keeper and one with the Force. After he was trained by one of Yoda's species, he returned home to Thra to keep order. Little does he know what's in store for him.

Blame :=hotaru-sama666:
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The skeksis are screwed if there’s a jedi with in the gelflings
Shadowstyle143's avatar
you have officially made one of the coolest crossovers ever
AnarchicQ's avatar
Aww, thank you!
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O_O and hear i thought i was the only one who thot up this crossover ^_^; i had the backstoy worked out n everything my concept was that a Talortai jedi and his Chadra-Fan Padawan are in the Unknown Regions (not sure fully why but maybe something to do with the Yuuzhan Vong) his Padawan dies horribly somehow and he crashes on Thra the Gelfling and podlings dont trust him at first (given how much Talortai look like Skeksis ) but he saves them from some offworld threat and he ends up training Gelflings and maybe a few podlings as "Padawans" till thy develop their own order of armor-clad shield carrying "jedi knights" (some with lightsabres given that thra has lightsaber crystals others with plane ol swords) to keep order and peace and defend Thra from any dark forces that way even if the main jedi are almost purged from the galaxy once more the jedi will live on on this "primitive" almost fully unknown world lol i just like the idea of haveing characters end up on thra only to find this other order of "jedi" ^w^ lol what do you think? >.w.;
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I like the idea of a Talortai training them. Nice twist.
axem-ranger-black's avatar
:3 thank you so much lol i worryed youd think my story was dumb n that i rambled on abt it to much ^~^;
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It's not fair to call someone's idea stupid, unless it's REALLY stupid, like "Lets go pee in the fountain!" or something.

Basically Seti's story is that after KoTOR2, they look to replenish the Jedi ranks after the crap with Revan, and they feel strong affinity with the Force on Thra, thanks to the inate ability to dreamfast. (I personally don't believe that Gelfling can speak with plants and animals unless taught, like Kira was. Podlings however, can!)

So a Yoda basically recruits him and he goes for training at a Academy. This is actually during the 1000 years of Skeksis' reign and before Jen & Kira.
axem-ranger-black's avatar
ah i see so i take it he dies or something? also have you read the mangas? :3
AnarchicQ's avatar
I read the first volume of the manga, I didn't like it.

He probably leaves Thra for the academy before the Skeksis get him in their clutches.
axem-ranger-black's avatar
TDC is my fav film ever the only thing i like more is the whole of starwars (movies shows comics books games) did u know a new comic (not maga) is gonna start being made? what didnt u like abt the manga? :B only thing i didnt like was how humen thy drew the gelflings just like elfs no differance [link] thats the best gelfling pic i have ever seen thy have ...almost remotely equine faces thy arent just ppl with pointy ears dang it >.< and so ....he just comes back to thra sees its gone to pot n runs off?
Raiderhater1013's avatar
This is awesome! Love the crossover, it works so well!
HotaruThodt's avatar
Man, I'm already loving this character and you haven't even RP'd him yet. :XD:
His little glowing light saver is awesome. :D

I take it you swiped that symbol from one of the many DC fansties? :love:
AnarchicQ's avatar
It was actually in someones flickr. I googled for it. YAY! I'm a thief!
HotaruThodt's avatar
lol. No more of a thief then me and Maya will be once she makes the brushes for me. :D
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