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The Prank War: First Strike

:iconlightning-dust-mlp: "Haha! Three down, three to go!"
:icontrixiescoffplz:"I can't wait to see Twilight's face!"
:iconsunsetshimmersplz: "The war has only begun!"

:iconpinkiemegagaspplz: "Did I just see a bunch of villains and some waterballoons run by?"

Part 1
Part 2
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Suri Polomare oughta join this crew. XD Strength in numbers!
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There was a fanfic I can't remember the name of now, where the CMC prank Pinkie Pie, and she grins excited at them and declares a 'prank war.'
Gotta love a comic featuring Equestria's most notorious mean girls.
Granonis's avatar
YES!!!!! You have so many of my YES!!!
I demand MOAR!!!!
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So thats where EQ Girls version of Sunset has been hiding, in Equestira while her pony counter part is in her world!
anarchemitis's avatar
It turns out she's actually a spy!
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Pinkie Pie has been challenged to a Prank War...

The Ponyville Rebuilding Company stock just quadrupled.
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I think of it as the Status Quo Insurance Company.
How else was Ponyville rebuilt after the parasprites? Status Quo fixing everything.
TrueMadayar's avatar
Their stock hits rock bottom every Saturday. So many damages to pay...
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I like how Big Mac is just off in the distance with a blank expression on his face :3
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So cute and funny!
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Unlimited Spider-Man me: *<invisible</i>* Hmm.... goin' on?
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*After seeing what's happened...*

You: Hm... Just the usual pranksters.
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Sunset: Josh, we know your here.
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You: *in thought* D'oh! Need to go for the more direct approach.
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Unlimited Spider-Man me: *Still invisible and leaps from building to building*
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Trixie: It's all clear.
DJDinoJosh's avatar
*Suddenly, they got caught in a huge spider web and got wrapped up*

Sunset: What the--?!

Trixie: What's going on?!

Unlimited Spider-Man me: *visible again and Hangs upside down on web-line above them* Smile!

*My phone takes a picture*

Unlimited Spider-Man me: Awesome! *Web pulls my phone to me* Sorry to leave you girls "hangin'". HA!
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Let it begin!!!
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Do I spot Trivia Time over by Lucky Clover?
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Some folk say he knows a terrific athlete.
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Pinkie is, like, "what just happened?" xD
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